No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1186

“Intermediate stage of the true god status and the people from the branch families can be elders at the main family?” Lancelot was extremely excited when he heard the news. His fighting prowess was considered high among many of the branch families and had already reached the intermediate stage of the true god status.

He obviously fulfilled all the requirements.

He would be given a very nice stipend once he became the main family’s elder. Not only could he stop worrying about the branch family, but he would also have enough martial enhancement material to train himself. He would be able to raise his fighting prowess in peace and enjoy the best martial materials.

The most important point was that nobody from the branch families has ever entered the main family and became the main family’s elder.

This decision of Nash obviously broke the previous rules.

This was not something good for the main family’s members, but it definitely was extremely good news for the branch family’s members.

After all, if any of them became the main family’s elders, they would have the chance to suggest or hold some decisive votes when there were important discussions. His vote might be vital on some critical issues.

They could even help improve the welfare of their branch family.

“Definitely. I welcome anybody who’s in the intermediate stage of the true god status and is willing to be our elder!” Nash nodded in satisfaction and said with a smile. “I’m only afraid that all of you are used to being the branch families masters that you aren’t really interested in being our elders!”

Lancelot immediately raised his hand and said, “No way. I’m willing, Master! I’m willing to be the elder!”

“Haha… Good, but this needs to be done after six months as you guys still need to hand over the affairs regarding the people of the branch families. Come over for the position after you’ve chosen a new branch family master!” Nash laughed and said.

“I…I’m already quite old. Can I also come over and work as an elder?” Chad stood forward and looked at Nash longingly.

“You…You’ve also broken into the intermediate stage of the true god status?” Nash was slightly stunned and surprised. Under his impression, this old man came over to the main family once last year and he remembered that this old man was at the initial stage of the true god level.

“Haha… Yes, I’ve been lucky. I’ve broken through and achieved the intermediate stage of the true god status some time ago!” Chad smiled shyly.

“That’s great, Chad. You’ve been well prepared!” Nash smiled happily and said to Chad. “I’m more than happy to have you coming over!”

“Haha… Alright, alright, I’ll definitely be back to give the position of elder a try!” Chad laughed loudly. He had no idea that he would be given such an opportunity.

“Sigh, I really envy you guys. I’m only at the initial state of the true god status!” Mason, who was also there, could not help but sighed and looked quite pitiful.

“Then you need to work hard. If our family continues to grow, we will constantly need to choose some outstanding people from the branch families!” Nash smiled and said. “Anyways, if you don’t mind being a patronum, you can still join us!”

“Patronum? Sure, master! I will come over and be a patronum!”

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