No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1187

Mason immediately said in excitement. “Master, it’s decided then!”

“Alright, it’s decided!” Nash smiled and said.

“I think it’s best if everybody stays the night and leaves tomorrow. I will go back with you tomorrow to enlist some of the masters. I only need to pick two or three from each branch family. Based on the number of people in these families, I will pick three from the bigger ones and two from the smaller ones!” Jack thought about it before speaking to Lancelot and the others.

“Haha, great! This is great news!” Everybody was extremely happy. Although the White family really suffered a huge loss this time the decision Nash made really caused the people from the branch families to have hope. Apart from that, they would be able to provide a good explanation to their family when they return.

Everybody returned to their respective living quarters after they cleaned up the bodies.

“Honey, I miss Kylie and the others!” In the evening, Selena said when she was laying in Jack’s arms.

Jack smiled bitterly and said, “Yes, I also miss the kid and I’ve wanted to bring them over some time ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to bring your parents and Kylie over because the situation at the White family wasn’t resolved!”

Jack paused for a short while before continuing to speak. “How about this? Tomorrow, I will ask Lana and Ethan to go back with you. You can bring all of them over in one go. You can ask if Abner and Sam are willing to come over for training. If they are willing to, bring them over. However, you need to tell them about the situation here. The location of such shadow families needs to be kept a secret and you can’t tell anybody about it! This also means that they cannot constantly leave after they arrive here.”

Selena was delighted after she heard this. “This is great. If that’s the case, I will be able to see Kylie after a day or two. Our girl must miss us too!”

Jack nodded. “Unfortunately, I can’t leave with you guys. I need to go to the branch families to choose masters from their families so that they can train here. The branch family members will be happy under these circumstances. I believe that it will also be good for the development of the main and branch families.”

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine since Lana and the others are going back with you. You can go do everything you need to get done!” Selena was excited when she thought about how she could meet her daughter soon as tightened her hug on Jack.

The next morning, Jack left with Lancelot and the other branch families’ masters. Selena, on the other hand, left with Lana and Ethan to fetch Kylie.

Early next morning, Jack arrived at the branch family nearest to the main family, the one Lancelot was in.

The other family masters left first to notify their family members about what happened these two days and the good news that Jack was going over for a visit.

“The master is back!” Several people who were guarding the entrance of a small village yelled in excitement after they saw Lancelot and their elders returning.

Soon, several hundred people came out and stood at the village entrance to welcome them. Over time, there were still many rushing over.

“Master, how is it this time? Did the people from the main family say when they will send somebody over to pick candidates? It has been several days, are they lying to us?” A middle-aged man immediately walked forward and asked when they saw those who returned.

“Yes, master. The people from the main family had always been sweet-talkers. I think that they were just delaying the time when they asked us to endure it. I think what they said about choosing masters to train at the main family are just lies.” Another young man hugged both hands in front of his chest and said lazily.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Lancelot stared at the young man before introducing him to the crowd there. “Everybody, this is Young Master Jack and he’s the main family master inheritor. He’s here today to choose masters for the main family!”

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