No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1192

“You’ll be his?”

A youth’s expression turned knotty when he heard that. The way she worded it was ripe for misunderstandings.

Sally was slightly taken aback. A flush of color stained her cheeks as she rolled her eyes at the youth. “What are you talking about?” she snapped. “I meant that I’ll serve him from now on. Where he goes, I’ll follow!”

“Hah. You never knew how to suck up to others, but today you learned how to do so. What a sight!”

An old man burst into laughter.

“Who’s sucking up to who? I’m telling the truth. Isn’t it a good thing that Young Master Jack helped us so much?”

Sally shot a vicious glare at the old man. “Who knows when’s the next time we’ll get a chance like this?” she said.

“All right, all right. Young Master Jack has had a long day, and it’s getting late. We’ll go back to rest first before celebrating properly over dinner!”

Lancelot said, chuckling.

“All right. Heh. Today is truly a good day. I haven’t heard news like this in a long time. We must celebrate till morning breaks!”

Sally spoke happily, “This way, Young Master Jack. I’ll arrange accommodation for you in our house.”

“All right. We’ll have a good celebration tonight. You young ones should rest properly though. I’ll be choosing the talented ones among you. Since your branch family has more members, I’ll be selecting three in total. I’ll only be selecting two from the smaller branch families!”

Jack nodded his head and announced to everyone.

“That sounds great. Do we get to have three candidates? So that means I have a chance too!”

A young man grinned excitedly after he heard that.

“That’s right. I thought that only one would be selected. If there are three slots, we have a chance of being chosen!”

A master from another branch family also broke out into a grin after he thought about it.

“I’m a master too. I’ll be a package along with my father once he goes to the main family. This way, I won’t have to compete with the others, right?”

Sally asked as she walked.

“Of course. This way, you get to nominate someone else!”

Jack gave a smile. “It’s all up to you. You can hold a martial arts competition to choose your champions. But you can also just discuss to make the selection if you prefer it that way!”

An elder bobbed his head. “Some of the branch families have two clear masters, and if the difference between them is too great, there’s no need to hold a competition. We can just nominate them both!”

After he said that, he turned his attention toward Sally. “For example, Sally here is our top talent. She’ll definitely emerge as the champion if we were to hold a competition,” he said. “So the only people we’ll really be looking out for are the first and second runner-up. Fortunately, her father is going to become an elder in the main family, so we get to nominate another candidate!”

Many others also nodded their heads after hearing that. This would greatly aid the development of the branch families, as well as the youths.

After all, everyone hoped that more fighters of the true god status would emerge from the branch families. Only fighters like them were considered to be the cream of the crop.

After the accommodation was arranged, Jack rested for a bit. When night fell, everyone set up two bonfires in an open space and began roasting skewers made from monster meat.

“What a delicious fragrance!”

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