No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1194

The bald man was tall and sturdy. He lifted one of his eyebrows after listening to Mr. Moustache. “Hehe, which one do I like? Let’s get ‘em all and bring ‘em down the mountain!”

Mr. Moustache was displeased with his response. “Patronum Lanich, how can you do this? Well. What I meant is you can take the young one!”

The bald man smiled wistfully, “Oh, I see. So you like the older one? This woman, although she is a middle-aged lady, she maintained her body well! She could be considered to be around thirty years old; only the word ‘charming’ can be used to describe her overall aura. Moreover, she’s the wife of an elder, I naturally like the challenge!”

The middle-aged woman’s brows snapped together. With her teeth gritted, she bellowed, “Fine! I’ll go with you, but let my daughter go!”

“Mama, what are you talking about? We’ll get away from them!”

As soon as her daughter heard that, her face sank and turned unsightly. She held her mother’s hand and opposed her.

“Silly, we’re not their opponents, their combat prowess is stronger than ours. Besides, they have the numbers. Let’s just hope that one of us could survive!”

The middle-aged woman was feeling helpless in fact. Her heart knew very well that if the other party defiled them, they would most likely murder them as well.

Therefore, it would be better to let her daughter survive, and, if she managed to return alive, she might be able to inform her father, so that he could bring some people and come back to avenge her.

“Hahaha! Do you think I’m that dumb?”

The bald man, on the other hand, laughed out loud. “I won’t let any of you leave at all. If I do that, your man will certainly bring a bunch of people and avenge you, even if you know your man will not be our boss’s opponent. By that time, your man will hold a grudge against me and that’d be so annoying!”

After the last syllabus of his word dropped, the bald man gestured and commanded, “Take them down but leave them alive. Then take them far away from here, this place is too near to their village, and from time to time, there’ll be people from the White family passing by here. It’d be troublesome if they found out!”

“Mama, let’s fight them! If we can’t defeat them, then we can end ourselves here. We can’t let them violate us!”

The teenage girl looked at her mother with her teeth gritted and her voice determined.


The middle-aged woman nodded, but she thought otherwise in her heart; she knew clearly that the two of them were of no power to resist and fight the other party at all.


However, she still balled her fist and charged directly toward the other party. Her fist was covered with a faint sheen of blue chi energy, it looked like she could be a great fighter of the early stage of the demi-god level.

“Haha! Still wanna fight?”

The bald man guffawed, and with a lighting speed, he dodged the middle-aged woman’s attack easily. Not only that, he countered with a slash on the other party’s back.

Once again, the woman spewed a mouth of blood and fell to the ground. The injury was even more grievous than before.

It was obvious that the middle-aged woman was injured severely in the last round, that her speed in this round was significantly slower. The bald man could easily dodge her attack.


As the scene of a fallen body on the ground appeared, the young girl shouted and rushed toward the enemy, hoping to blast the bald man.

“Bwahaha! You tryna fight me? You’re not even in the demi-god realm, how on earth you think you could defeat me?”

The bald man sneered at the young lady and then swung out his fist. His fist directly blasted on the young girl’s fist and blew her a few meters away.

The young girl laid injured on the ground. A mouthful of blood gushed out from her mouth.

“Hehe! Now, now. You can’t possibly fight anymore, right?”

Mr. Moustache chortled and paced over to the middle-aged woman. The corners of his mouth curled upward, smiling sinisterly.

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