No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1195

Nonetheless, at this moment, a terrifying air blade cut through the air and blasted on Mr. Moustache’s back. The air blade split him into two, his body falling straight to the ground.

“What the f*ck? Who the h*ll did that?”

The bald man and the others were shocked by the sudden attack, and their eyes were frantically looking around to spot the attacker. It was Jack. He stood under a tree not far away, and slowly he strode toward the crowd with an elegant-black fine sword in his grip.

“You’re so right! It’s indeed easy to run into a White here!”

Jack gave a faint smile. He listened to the whole exchange just now and deduced that this group of people were not even from the White family. Jack did not know where these guys were from, but how dare they bully the two who were from the White family branch.

“You’re from the White family?”

The bald man’s brows knitted; his eyes were full of solemness.

Another underling, on the other hand, uttered, “Patronum Lanich, this brat is quite young, I bet he’s not that strong. We don’t have to be afraid of him! If it weren’t for his sneaky attack just now, Mr. Moustache wouldn’t have died!”

Patronum Lanich bobbed his head, agreeing to the underling’s statement. “Indeed. He’s alone; there’s nothing to be afraid of! Especially since he’s young, his combat prowess and martial status shouldn’t be strong!”

“Mama, he…he’s from the White family?”

The young girl, who laid injured on the ground, inquired, face full of confusion. She used up all her strength to get herself up and sat on the ground. She did not remember there was this person in the White family.

“I’ve never seen him either!”

The middle-aged woman was dumbfounded at the situation as well. She was confused, confused over why this man helped them; confused that this man said that he was from the White family?

Nonetheless, the other party had the number, and this man was on his own. Was he even a rival to the other party?

“Hey, little punk, are you sure you’re from the White family? Don’t you dare lie to me!”

The bald man—who happened to overhear the conversation between the mother and the daughter—could not help but ask with a furrowed forehead.

“Of course, I’m from the White family. How dare you attack our members! You certainly have a death wish!”

Jack gripped the black sword tightly in his hand and swung his arm slightly in the direction of the bald man.

This time, what had flown out from the black sword was not a simple wind blade, but it was wrapped with a layer of terrifying and powerful chi energy. The blast was fast and furious; its strength and power were ten times stronger than the previous attack.

“Humph! Don’t you dare to think that I’m afraid of you!”

The bald man snorted coldly and then he flipped his palm, a sharp sword appeared in his grip. He was so ready to launch an attack.

However, before he moved an inch of his arm, he sensed something strange in Jack’s wind-blade attack. “No way, there’s a sense of chi energy inside the attack! That’s an attack of true god level!”

“What? No way!”

A long arc-shaped wind blade embedded with chi energy was flying toward them. The men who had just taken out their weapons, after hearing the bald man’s words almost peed their pants. If the young man before them were truly at the true god level, they would be like ants in front of him—and would be crushed easily.

“We’re so done for!”

Several of them were so frightened that they forgot to weaken the attack with any technique. The wind blade that Jack shot out had cut through their waist, chopping them into half. With merely one attack, all seven men were killed.

“True god level!”

The mother and the daughter exchanged looks among themselves; both of their pupils demonstrated the color of disbelief. They could not believe that this young man was actually at the true god level.

Nonetheless, they knew that in the White branch family, only the head family possessed the power of a true god level; no one else had reached that level.

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