No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1197

Only then did the crowd react. Puzzlement, shock, and surprise were written on their faces. It seemed that this man was truly a White.

“Ah, he’s the heir of the family head?”

Moon gasped as she said, her eyes were widened as large as saucers and her lips parted widely. After a few seconds, when realization dawned upon her, she kneeled down before Jack and said, “Thank you for saving our lives, Young Master Jack! If it weren’t for you, my Mama and I would be…”

“Yes! Thank you so much, Young Master Jack!”

The middle-aged woman plopped onto the ground on her knees. Her eyes swam with tears and her voice trembled. “We’ve not met the Young Master from the main White family, so we thought that you’re not from the White family. We’ve misconceived your identity, Sir! Please forgive us!”

“Please get up. How can I blame you when I know it’s all a misunderstanding? Surely I’ll forgive you!”

Jack approached the duo, flipped his palm, and two healing pills appeared in his hand. He handed the pills to the duo and said, “Both of you, take one of these each. Hurry up and swallow it. It’s for your injuries.”

“This…I…how can we accept such a treasure from you, Young Master Jack!”

Moon lowered her head, somewhat embarrassed at her behavior toward Jack a moment ago. She thought that Jack was no different from the group earlier, that he was here to take advantage of them. What made her more embarrassed was that Jack did not only forgive them but also offered them healing pills for their injuries.

“She’s right, Young Master Jack. We don’t deserve it. You saved our lives; we don’t even know how to repay you for your great kindness!”

The middle-aged woman panicked and quickly rejected Jack’s kindness toward them. She was somewhat flattered at his kind gesture.

Jack was slightly puzzled at their behaviors. In the past, when the Third Elder and his men came over to collect martial resources and offerings from the branch families, they must have shown themselves in a high and almighty position. Even worse, they could bully these people from the branch families.

Due to that, the people of the branch families, each of them was obsequious when they met the people of the main family.

Moreover, Jack’s status and position were much higher and nobler than the Third Elder and his men—who would become the next family head. If such a person offered them healing pills, it would naturally make them feel frightened and insecure.

“Heh, just take it. We all belong to the White family, and you’ve made great contributions to the expansion and rise of the White family in the past. These healing pills are nothing compared to your contribution all these while!”

Jack uttered with a gentle and radiant smile surfaced on his face.

“Take the pills! Young Master Jack is an amiable person; he always puts us first before anything else!”

Mason chuckled and gestured to Moon and Tulipa to take the healing pills.

“Thank you very much, Young Master Jack!”

The duo took the pills and swallowed them.

Jack looked at the corpses on the ground. “Who are these people? They seem to know a lot about White branch families, hmmm.” Jack wondered.

“Damn, these b*stard again!”

Mason took a look at the bodies on the ground and huffed angrily. “They’re the mounted brigands who stay on the opposite side of that big mountain. They rarely go looking for spirited grass or resources or anything, instead, they always come down here and rob us of spirited resources! Their leader is a strong martial fighter, who possessed martial status of the early stage of true god level. That’s why they dare to act so boldly and recklessly!”

One old man from the group stepped forward and said, “Fortunately, there’re not many of them, only three to four hundred of men, whereas our branch family has nearly a thousand men. That’s why they don’t dare to fight with us. All this while, as long as they don’t cross the limits, we won’t do anything to them, after all, their leader is at the true god level and quite a number of their men possessed strong martial prowess. We can’t afford the loss, we can’t fight them.”

“So, if things aren’t too serious, you guys would just let them be?”

Jack’s brows snapped together at this new piece of information.

“Yes, Sir. People of the main family rarely come to our place and we seldom go over too. So, we don’t have the chance to report this matter to the main family.” Mason responded with a bitter smile. “Before that, when the Third Elder came here, we’ve informed him about this issue. With his martial prowess, he could definitely eradicate these people and bring back peace to our branch family.” Mason added, smiling dryly.

“Unfortunately, the Third Elder always has a reason not to eradicate them for us. Some reasons and excuses like he’s busy recently or he will deal with them later, blah, blah, blah.” Mason continued with a slight hint of anger on his face.

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