No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1198

Not long after, Moon’s expression looked better than before. The healing pills given by Jack had some great and quick effect upon Moon.

Moon pressed her lips together and formed a smile. “Those mounted brigands knew that we’re from the White family, so all this while, they dare not go too far too, well, at least they won’t kill our people. But today, looking at the situation, Patronum Lanich seemed like he wanted to kill me and my mother!”

Jack nodded and said, “You’re right. Since they were going after your beauty, after they’ve violated you, they’d certainly kill you and destroy your bodies. By that time, our people will not have a clue if you’re still alive or even we knew, we wouldn’t know how you died, and the other party naturally wouldn’t admit the deed!”

Jack’s fist clenched tightly as he thought of the highly likely outcome of the episode. “Looks like it’s time to exterminate these b*stards!” Jack condemned.

“But, Young Master Jack, you’re only at the early stage of the true god realm, right? I’m also at the early stage of the true god realm. Even if we join forces together, I’m afraid that our loss would still be great. I don’t have much confidence on this matter.”

Mason furrowed as he spoke to Jack in a solemn tone.

Nonetheless, Jack was completely unconcerned. “Don’t worry, I can assure you that the loss won’t be huge. They have only one fighter with the power of the early stage of true god level—the leader, and I’ll deal with him. As for the others, I’ll leave them to you guys, it should be fine, right?” Jack smiled.

“Of course! If I can free up my hands from the leader, I can easily end their two fighters, who are at the peak stage of the demi-god realm. Then, we have a few strong elders, coupled with our numbers, it’d be so much easier to exterminate those b*stard! It will naturally become a facile thing!”

At this time, an old man interrupted the conversation. “Young Master Jack, what if the leader of the mounted brigands flees away before our attack? Once he’s escaped, I’m afraid that it’d be so much difficult to exterminate the group.” The old man popped out a question after giving some thoughts to the matter.

“Don’t worry. There’s nowhere for him to run!”

Jack gave a gentle smile, and his tone was filled with confidence.

“Young Master Jack, when are we going to exterminate them then?”

Mason pondered for a while and asked.

Jack paused for a second and said, “We’ll go back and prepare our people now. Whoever with fighting prowess below grandmaster level shall stay back because the possibility of them dying is high. We have the numbers; we’ll bring all the grandmasters and go to kill those b*stard right now. It’s best to give them a sudden attack!”

“Perfect! Motherf*cker, they’ve been crossing boundaries and I’ve long wanted to teach them a lesson.”

Mason slapped his thigh and roared.

Soon, the group returned to the village.

When Moon’s father found out about what happened to his wife and daughter, he was beyond furious. At the same time, he knelt before Jack to thank him.

Back at the village, Mason quickly gathered all the men with fighting prowess of first-grade grandmaster level and above. All these people added up to more than three hundred people.

“Hehe, Young Master Jack, do you want to say a few words to them?”

After gathering all the eligible men, Mason said to Jack with a radiant smile plastered on his face.

Jack let out a dry laugh and turned to the crowd. “Gentlemen, those mounted brigands have been bullying our White family members for too long, and I believe that none of you are happy about it. Today is the day! Let us kill to our heart’s content and slaughter each of them! After today, everyone can live a peaceful life! I don’t have more to say, just remember not to let them get away. Remember, don’t spare any life!”

“Kill them all!”

The crowd chanted these words aloud repeatedly in unison.

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