No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1199

“Alright! Let’s go!”

Jack waved his hand, and the crowd set off in an organized manner.

After a while, they arrived at the bottom of a huge mountain on the opposite side of their village.

“Young Master Jack, those mounted brigands will occasionally go look for martial resources, but most of the time they rely on robbing us. Sometimes, they straight up waited for us at the entrance of the forest where we scavenge for the resources; some people from other families who don’t know about them will be robbed by them too. But, under normal circumstances, they will only rob but dare not offend the people of other families. So, most of them can only endure their bullies!”

On the way to the peak of the huge mountain, Mason pondered deep on certain issues, and then added, “So I think these mounted brigands have kept a lot of resources in their place. If we kill them all, maybe we could also get all those resources!”

“Young Master Jack, when we successfully raided the brigands and end them, do you think it’s possible to consider it as one of our missions in finding resources? And that if we could share half of the resources with the main family?” Another elder chimed in, with a somewhat unsettled tone.

This elder was smart and observant. He could see that Master Mason’s intention of mentioning these resources in front of Jack deliberately; Master Mason obviously had an idea in mind about these resources, after all, that was a lot of resources!

However, Jack was the heir of the family head of the main family, and Master Mason was too embarrassed to ask for the resources directly. So, as an elder, he saw the hint and took initiative to propose.

“First Elder, what nonsense? This is not a finding resources mission, but it’ll be a task of Young Master Jack leading us to exterminate the enemy and raid their resources. No matter what, it will be Young Master Jack who helps us to win! Without him, we simply can’t do anything! We wouldn’t dare to launch the attack! So naturally, these resources should all belong to Young Master Jack!”

Mason shot the First Elder with a fierce glare and reprimanded him strictly.

Jack knew that this exchange before him was a show; the two were giving a two-man comic show—collaborating and echoing with each other.

“This gang of mounted brigands has been bullying all of you, and you’ve been suffering all this while.” Jack smiled gently at Mason. “So, this time, I’ll first take a look at the loot to see if there are any suitable materials for making pills. If there is, I’ll pick a few and the rest of it belongs to you. You’ll take it and distribute it among all of you. It’ll belong to you and there’s no need to submit it to the main family as an offering!”

Mason’s eyes immediately lit up as he heard. “Really? Young Master Jack, you treat us too well! If I were a woman, I’d want to marry a man like you!”

Jack looked at the tall and sturdy man in front of him and his face immediately turned unsightly. “Don’t, please don’t! This figure of yours, if you were really a woman, it’d be scary!”


The crowd burst out in laughter at the exchange.

Soon enough, the group arrived at a square halfway up the mountain.

“Who are you, people?”

A man looked at the group of people and approached them with big steps. “This is a place that you should…”

The sentence stopped halfway. A fine wind blade slashed open the man within a second. Jack killed the man; he and the sword were the culprits.

Another sword aura was shot out, and a house in front of Jack was split in half. The strength and power of that sweep of sword aura were terrifying as though the grim reaper was there.

Within a minute, many people rushed out from different directions and gathered at the square.

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