No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1202

“Holy moly! A strength of the middle stage of the true god realm? That’s too..”

Several great fighters of the Windfall Pavilion’s faces slowly became unsightly after hearing the Chief’s words.

In fact, the Chief of Windfall Pavilion had always reminded them that since the White branch family was in close vicinity to them, it would be acceptable if they snatched some of their resources, but they should not cross the boundaries and kill any of them. If they had really angered the other party and the other party decided to fight against them, they would not at all be their opponents.

The Chief believed that if it was merely some petty snatches and robs, Mason and his people would endure.

On the contrary, for several other families, if they were out to hunt for the resources and materials, the people of Windfall Pavilion could act rougher and more reckless toward them. Once the men of Windfall Pavilion finds out that the other party was alone or was a group of juniors, they would rob them mercilessly. After all, several other families did not even know where the Windfall Pavilion was. Hence, even if they wanted to avenge their people, it was not easy to do so.

The Chief of the Windfall Pavilion did not expect at all that Patronum Lanich and the others had targeted an elder of the White branch family. If this were not asking for a death wish, what would it be then?

The Chief of Windfall Pavilion’s face became paler and paler once he thought of it. “Hold up!” He extended his arm in a panic and gestured a stop sign with his palm.

The men of the White branch family were just about to charge toward them but halted when they heard the Chief’s words.

The Chief stood up from the ground and paced toward Jack. He bowed before Jack and said, “Sir, I don’t understand. I have not offended you at all, why did you help the White branch family? Even if it’s one of my people who made a mistake that they shouldn’t have, you don’t have to intervene in this matter, right?”

He knew by rote that, in general, such a powerful person did not like to meddle in nosy matters. Hence, he truly could not fathom the other party’s behavior at all. Why would a martial artist with a strength of true god-level intervene?

Without waiting for Jack to further explain, Mason stood out and spoke aloud, “Munro Quinn, do you f*cking have any idea who he is? He is the heir of the White family head and the Young Master of the main White family! Now you tell me, does he have the right to take care of this matter?”

“Young Master?”

Munro gasped at the answer. “The Young Master of the White family is already this powerful? His combat prowess and strength are more powerful than some elders, am I right?”

“I’m only at the early stage of the true god realm. However, it’s not hard for me to kill you!”

Jack gave a wan smile and said in an emotionless tone.

Munro was rendered speechless. The strength of a fighter in the early stage of the true god realm could blast him away so easily and injure him that much? He was at the early stage of the true god realm, too! Moreover, he had stayed at that level for almost three years and could be considered as a strong fighter of the early stage of the true god realm! This was also why the White branch family had not dared to act rashly and went against them, though they had many men.

Obviously, the young man before him acquired the ability to kill every single life of the Windfall Pavilion. What a terrifying existence!

“Hold on!”

Munro immediately stretched out his hand and showed a stop sign. His face was ashen and his blood froze in his veins—he was in complete terror. “My men had made a huge mistake. It’s also true that I didn’t discipline them well. But both the White branch family and Windfall Pavilion are located so close to each other; we can be considered as living in the same neighborhood, and we should live peacefully and help each other, right? How about this, I’ll send you some spirited grass and resources, and we’ll call it a wrap to this matter?” Munro proposed in a trembling voice.

“Heh, it’s too late!”

Jack laughed. “You still have the nerve to talk about the neighborhood? When you bullied my men in the past, why didn’t you say you were a neighbor and that we should live peacefully and help each other out?”

Jack gripped the black fine sword tightly, and a layer of chi energy enclosed the sword. He swept the sword and shouted, “Big Wave Hits!”

Like magic, waves of sword aura coalesced out of Jack’s sword. The sword aura went straight ahead with formidable strength and horrendous power.

Most of these waves of sword aura, under the control of Jack’s chi control ability, went straight to Munro. A small portion of these waves was sent directly toward several strong fighters of the Windfall Pavilion who were in front of him.

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