No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1205

Therefore, the rescuer was obviously not from the Cabello family.

“Don’t tell me it’s another group of bandits who set their eyes on them?”

Instantly, the Third Young Mistress Cabello’s heart thumped at this possibility.

After all, no matter if the brigands were from the Windfall Pavilion or any other gang, they were all bad people. The phenomenon of a big fish swallowing a small fish—the strong bullying the weak—was common among groups of bandits.

It looked like this time there must be another group of mountain bandits coming to rob the Windfall Pavilion.

The Third Young Mistress Cabello’s thoughts ran wild within these few minutes, her heart was uneasy and her fear spiked. After all, she had the most good-looking face among the three daughters of the Cabello family, though her sisters were beautiful. Furthermore, several other young masters of the shadow families were fond of her and wanted to pursue after her.

If such a good-looking woman were to fall into the hands of another stronger group of bandits, it was highly likely that she would be captured to be the wife of the chief of bandits.

She was in despair and could not even escape from the hand of the Chief of the Windfall Pavilion, what more a stronger and more powerful bandit? She would not even have the slightest chance to escape.

At this time, a figure dashed into the room and stood not far from her.

When the other party noticed her presence, the other party did not make any move but studied her.

Jack’s eyes lit up slightly when he saw the beauty before him. The beautiful woman before his eyes was indeed very fascinating and alluring. Her look was somewhat perfect, and her body was even more indescribable. That beauty could definitely compete against Selena and the result was hard to say.

Jack’s heart had actually pounded a little faster than usual at this moment.

“You, you, don’t come over! I warn you, you won’t get me! I am the third daughter of the Cabello family, and the Cabellos are strong and prominent! I’m warning you, if…if you dare to bully me, you’re dead meat. My father will find you and kill you even if you’ve hidden underground!”

Seeing Jack staring at her attentively, the Third Young Mistress Cabello was even more frightened. She stammered, trying her very best to use her tied-up feet to move backward.

Jack woke up from her beauty, then he walked indifferent toward Munro, stopped in front of him, and stabbed his sword into Munro’s chest emotionlessly.

When the Third Young Mistress Cabello saw that Jack killed Munro without blinking his eyes, she was so done for; she could feel nothing but blind terror.

If she had known it earlier, she would not be stubborn and sneaked out to search for treasure. She felt confident about her fighting prowess and martial status and wanted to come to the mainland to search for treasure. She longed for the excitement and fun, but little did she know that she would be captured.

“You’re the daughter of the Cabello family?”

After Jack ended Munro’s life, he paced toward Third Young Mistress Cabello slowly.

“Yes, yes, I’m the third young mistress of the Cabello family! My father likes me the most! You this b*stard bandit, don’t come near me! Don’t you dare take advantage of me!”

The young mistress was scared to death in her heart, but she still clenched her teeth and tried her best to threaten Jack.


Jack was rendered speechless. “Take a good look at me, do I look like another bandit?”

Only then the Third Young Mistress Cabello studied Jack in detail, she then huffed, “Hmph! You’re either a bandit or a brigand and neither of them are good people! Don’t think you can cheat me just because you’re good-looking! You bandit, none of you are good!”

Now, Jack was completely tongue-tied. He shook his head helplessly and approached the other party slowly.

“Don’t you dare come near!” She shouted. “You…what are you doing? I have a good reputation, if you dare to ruin me, I…I’ll not spare you even when I become a ghost in the future!”

The Third Young Mistress Cabello was so scared that she tried to move backward quicker, however, she seemed to have forgotten that her legs were all tied up. She wanted to move swiftly but her tied-up feet did not allow, instead, she plopped back onto the ground.

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