No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1207

“Heh. I never thought much about it because I’m not that kind of person!”

Jack gave a wan smile and wheeled around, stalking off.

Astonishment flashed across Daniella’s eyes as she watched his silhouette.

Many men fawned over her looks. The masters from the Cabello family and other families all clamored to catch a glimpse of her.

That man was no brigand, but logically speaking, he should have at least asked for her name or show some semblance of attraction toward her. Yet he just turned around and left. Dissatisfaction roiled in her.

She quickly chased after him. “Hey, aren’t you curious what my name is?” she said to Jack.

Jack turned his head to look at her. “Why should I?” he replied impassively.


Daniella was furious. The man was completely clueless. Did he not consider trying to show some interest in a beauty like her?

She rolled her eyes at him. “I’m Daniella,” she said. “You?”

“Oh. My name is Jack!”

After he said that, he walked out. At this moment, the White family members were sorting through their war trophies.

“Young Master, this is a true treasure. You must take it!”

The First Elder ran over happily, thrusting an object that resembled a tortoiseshell toward Jack.

“Yes. You must have this. We would not have been victorious if not for you today!”

Mason quickly said.

“Thank you!”

Jack smiled and took the object. He flipped his palm and kept it in his martial ring.

“We’ll burn the corpses along with this house later! Let’s take the war trophies and head back before we do the cleaning up!”

Jack announced after thinking about it.

Daniella was stunned speechless when she saw this. Who on earth was this man? Was he a young master from the main family of the White family? Why would the fighters from the branch families all listen to him otherwise?

After considering it carefully, she felt sure that this was the case. No way that he would be so strong if he were not from the main family—he would not have been able to kill Munro.

“Why haven’t you left yet?”

After everyone had cleaned up the corpses, Jack noticed that Daniella was still standing nearby. A crease formed between his brows. The White family did not have good relations with the Cabello family. He did not want to show the slightest bit of weakness.

“Why so fierce?”

Daniella grew even more speechless when Jack seemed impatient. Never mind that he did not try to butter her up, and now he was trying to chase her away? Never had she suffered such humiliation before.

She shot him a glare. “I’m not leaving. I’ll be staying at the White family’s place for two or three more days!” she said.

Jack was internally speechless; his expression soured. “Miss Daniella Cabello, am I correct? I saved you because you so happened to be there. It was an accident. Never mind that you don’t wish to return the favor, but why do you want to stay here? You’re stepping out of your boundaries.”

“Can’t a beauty like me want to stay a few days at the White family’s place? You really don’t know how to prune a rose when you see one. I’ve no idea how someone like you found a wife!”

Daniella folded her arms across her chest, speaking indignantly.

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