No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1210

“Of course. You’re my savior. So I’ll definitely find a way to repay you!”

Warmth spread in Daniella’s chest. She thought of something and quickly added on: “But don’t you let your mind wander everywhere. I won’t repay you with my body. Hmph. Anyone who wishes to go after me must prove that they’re worthy. Got it?”

“You’re really confident, aren’t you?”

Jack did not know whether to laugh or cry. It was true that she was not half-bad looking, and the light fragrance emanating from her was intriguing, but Jack was confident in his self-restraint.

“Hmph. I know all you men speak one thing and then think another. You’re definitely thinking of something, what with a beauty like me splayed all over your back now!

“I’m telling you, it’s your privilege to carry me. So many men wish to do so but don’t have the chance!”

Daniella was as proud as ever, as though she were a princess high above the clouds.

“You’re saying that it’s my privilege to carry someone as heavy as you? Heh. I’ll be more than happy to get rid of this weight!”

Jack smiled. This girl was far too cocky.

She was pretty, but he was not the sort to butter up to nasty people.

“You-you’re calling me fat? What are you talking about? Hmph. So many people admire my figure!”

Daniella was furious when Jack told her that she was heavy. She resisted the urge to strangle him. His vision must have had problems. She was a little plump in some areas, but she was not fat at all.

After talking to her for a while, Jack popped the question: “Right. I heard that the Cabello family has a precious ancient tome. Something about forbidden medicine, right?

“That’s right. How did you know? Do you know medicine?”

Daniella answered without thinking twice.

“That’s right. I have an interest in medicine. I heard that the tome contains precious knowledge, so of course, I know of it. It’ll be fantastic if I got the chance to look at it!”

Jack told Daniella after he thought about it.

“Heh. You want to take a look?”

Daniella chuckled. “I don’t even get to take a peek at it even if I wanted to. It’s currently in our First Elder’s possession. That old man hangs onto it as though it were his life source, always talking about how complex it was and how he needed to study it. He even said that it contains alchemy methods of crafting third and fourth-grade pills. My father and the others know about this!”

“Third or fourth-grade pills?”

Jack took a sharp intake of breath after he heard this. Even second-grade spirit grass was extremely hard to find, yet this tome contained alchemical records of third and fourth-grade pills? Did this mean that he was getting close to finding the mother of pills?

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