No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1211

If there were third or fourth-grade pills, that meant that the third or fourth-grade spirited grass existed. If that was the case, where were these spirited grass? Spirited grass or pills like that would likely cause a person of the true god status to combust with energy. This meant that the legends of the ultimate god status may very well be true.

“That’s right. My father said that the third and fourth-grade pills exist which means that the ultimate god status might be real.”

Daniella did not seem to have many walls around her, and she spoke easily with Jack, “That’s why the tome is a true treasure to the First Elder. He’d study it with every moment of spare time he has, trying to dissect its secrets. And sometimes he goes looking for true treasure, to see if he can find the third-grade spirited grass described in the tome!”

“Have his searches been fruitful?”

Jack’s eyes brightened when he heard that. He asked her a question.

Daniella gave a bitter smile. “Zilch. He’s got nothing to show for even after all these years. I don’t think the third and fourth-grade spirited grass exists. He did not find a single stalk. Perhaps someone wrote that tome just to play a long-running joke on future generations!”

“I don’t think so. Your First Elder would have noticed that it was fake after studying it for so long. Besides, I heard that he’s pretty skilled in medicine. He’s pretty famous for alchemical research too!”

After Jack thought about it, he spoke with firm resolution, “I believe that the ultimate god status is real. We cannot give up on the clues that point directly toward it!”

“Heh. That might be a little difficult. All eight shadow families are trying to discover the path to the ultimate god status. Everyone thinks that there is a method to break into the ultimate god status, but no one has found it! And it’s been so long!

“I think our heritage might have been lost after all these years!” Daniella said.

“It’ll be troublesome if that were the case. Once, our earth was filled with chi. Now there’s scarcely anything left. We won’t be able to break into the ultimate god status even if we found the right method!”

Jack could not help but heave an internal sigh. It seemed that it would be impossible to break into the ultimate god realm and live for two hundred years.

However, he could not think about this now. He needed to get that tome to see if there was a technique to heal Fernando.

“That’s right. At any rate, I don’t really believe in all this talk of ‘ultimate god status’ and whatnot. Besides, I don’t have a high martial level, and I’m still young. I’ll leave the thinking to my father and the elders—especially for those who are at the peak of the true god status. They have no way to improve anymore, so nothing else interests them more than finding a way to break into the ultimate god realm!”

Daniella smiled and said, “But there’s no way you’re going to look at that tome. The First Elder won’t heed my commands even if I screech at him to take it out. He’s even the one to flip the pages for my father when he wants to read it!”

“Your father needs to obtain permission from the First Elder if he wants to see it?”

Jack frowned. “That means the First Elder has a very powerful position in your family!” he continued.

“Of course. The First Elder is at the true god status, just like my father, and his martial skill is even higher. More importantly, he knows alchemy and medicine. That’s why he has even greater status in the Cabello family than my father. My father has to be respectful to him!”

Daniella’s voice was full of pride when she spoke of her family. “Not many families have more than one fighter at the peak of the true god status like the Cabello family. Even you people from the White family must only have one at most!”

Jack was internally speechless when he heard that. He did not expect the Cabello family’s First Elder to be so powerful. It would be extremely difficult to get the tome from him.

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