No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1214

“Challenge me?” Dawson White widened his eyes and was obviously not convinced. “Nikini White, turns out I’m not as good as Amos White in your opinion. Are you looking down on me?”

Nikini immediately smiled in embarrassment. “No. Brother Dawson, both you and Brother Amos have similar fighting prowess and your combat power is almost the same too. To be honest, I have to choose one even though I really don’t know which one of you to choose. Hence, I choose you!”

Dawson glared at Nikini. “Young girl, I’m sure you feel that I’m not as good as Amos and that I’m a weakling, right?”

Dawson directly walked toward a slightly empty area and raised his eyebrows at Nikini provocatively. “If that’s the case, Sister Nikini, I will not hold back. After all, the chance of entering the White main family is very important for me. It’s relayed to me or my parents’ destiny!”

“Who’s waiting for you to hold back? It’s meaningless for me to win the competition if you’re holding back!” Nikini soon arrived in front of Dawson. She curled her hands into fists and Chi started surging on top of her fists.

“Alright, let’s have a serious fight today!” Dawson was immediately filled with the urge to fight when he saw how serious Nikini was. He curled his hands into fists and the two of them soon started their battle.

It had to be mentioned that although Nikini’s fighting prowess was much lower than her opponent’s, their combat powers were almost the same when they started battling.

Jack had a decision after he observed for a while. If Nikini’s fighting prowess was slightly stable, she would be able to win against Dawson even if she did not enter the intermediate level of the demi-god stage.

Unfortunately, Nikini had just achieved the initial stage of the demi-god level and she was not so skilled in the utilization of her Chi. Together with the fact that the Chi in her body was not as sufficient as that in Dawson’s body. Compared to Dawson, she would not be able to withstand the use of her Chi if the battle continued.

“This young lady has quite a good combat ability, does she have the opportunity to win?” Third Young Mistress Cabello could not help but ask Jack. She was also stunned as she looked at the duo fighting aggressively.

“She won’t be able to win! She might be able to win if they have the same fighting prowess. Sadly they have huge differences in their fighting prowess and she will not be able to hold it if the chi consumption continues!” Jack smiled bitterly and continued to speak. “The main thing is that the both of them have almost the same martial skills, hence she doesn’t have any advantages!”

Daniella nodded in realization after she heard this. “That’s sad!”

Sure enough, just as Jack expected, Nikini’s forehead was covered in sweat and she seemed unable to withstand anymore after the both of them battled for some time.

Finally, Nikini took a kick and she flew backward like a kite with no strings. She vomited a mouthful of blood and her face turned pale.

“Nikini!” Nikini’s father could not help but sighed as his heart hurt for his daughter when he saw this.

“Nikini, you’ve lost!” Dawson stopped and looked at Nikini, who fell on the floor, and said, “To be honest, you have really strong combat ability. Unfortunately, there’s no other choice as there are only two positions for us today and I have to fight for it!”

Unexpectedly, Nikini petted the floor and once again flew upward. She wiped the bright-colored blood from her mouth as she stood there. “Haha… It’s just some attack and it’s a small wound. This is nothing and I’ve not admitted defeat. The battle is not over yet!”

Nikini stepped on the floor again after she spoke and directly rushed toward Dawson’s knife.

“Again?” Dawson was speechless. He had no idea that Nikini was so stubborn and would still want to battle him.

Dawson dared not take it easy when he saw how fiercely Nikini was coming at him. He quickly curled his hands into fists and continued rushing forward.

A wave of fighting noises could be heard but everybody knew clearly in their hearts that Nikini, who was already hurt, would not be Dawson’s opponent no matter how hard she tried.

“My child’s father, please try to persuade Nikini!”

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