No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1216

Overwhelmed with joy, Nikini’s eyes reddened as she almost cried.

“Thank… Thank you, Young Master Jack!” muttered Nikini shakily.

Mason, who was by their side, then chimed in, “Young Master Jack, I know that you’re kind, but isn’t this somewhat unfavorable? We from the branch family are facing shortage in numbers. The other branch families who also only have two quota will be unhappy when they see that three of our people go over.”

Nikini’s father also frowned and solemnly added, “Yes. If this is the case, the other branch families might feel that this is unfair. I’m afraid that this will affect your image by then, Young Master Jack. Although they won’t say anything on the surface, prodigies from the branch families will definitely say something when they come down.”

The initially elated Nikini bit her luscious lips as she heard Mason and her father’s opinion and thus spoke, “Young Master Jack, thank you for your kindness, but thinking things through, it does seem rather unfavorable for you. I think it’s best if I don’t go over, but I’ll strive for it when there’s a chance like this in the future.”

Jack was touched when he heard this and responded with an indifferent smile, “Don’t worry. Since I’ve spoken about this, then it wouldn’t be a problem. So long as I feel that you’re good enough, it’s nothing to break the rules and increase the quota. You don’t need to worry yourselves over this matter. If the other branch families have prodigies with such talents, it’s not a big deal to add another quota for them. I’ll speak with those from the other branch families about this.”

“Then… If that’s the case, we thank you, Young Master!” Mason immediately gestured politely to Jack with his hands. “You truly have thought of us kindly, Young Master Jack. We from the branch families will go over and beyond if you need anything, even if it needs our lives.”

Nikini’s father gazed at Jack admiringly and excitedly.“Young Master Jack, you… you really are our family’s benefactor!”

“Haha… Don’t mention anything about benefactors or what not. We’re all members of the White family, and we naturally can’t let good seedlings go to waste! Apart from that, if Nikini had the same fighting prowess as Dawson, I think that even with Dawson and Amos working together, they can’t beat her. Won’t it be a waste of time if I don’t bring such a good seedling to go train with the White main family from the start?”

Jack chuckled and added, “After all, a youth has the best talents and understanding for training. It’s also the best timing for training!”

Nikini’s mother gazed at Jack appreciatively. “Young Master Jack, can you stay a couple of days here with us? We’ll give you cordial hospitality.”

Jack gave a small smile and turned them down, saying, “There’s no need for this. I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning after a night’s rest to go to the next branch family. After all, there are quite a lot of branch families and powers that rely on our main family. Even if we try to shorten the entire journey, it’ll still take an estimated time of two days on this.”

Everybody nodded—Jack’s position in these branch families’ hearts was obviously different.

When the Third Elder was still alive and Lily still in power, they would bully the branch family’s members. They handed in increasingly more martial enhancement materials that they worked hard to get. There was really too little in their hands for their training.

After all that was over, everything progressed for the better ever since Jack stepped in. Everyone was happy after the Third Elder died and Lily was removed from the White main family as nobody would continue this cruel treatment towards them.

Meanwhile, Lily was brought home to the Lagorios under the lead of an old man of the Lagorio family.

Her wounds gradually healed after several days of rest on her way back.

It was bad enough that her son’s status was uncertain and she was thrown out of the White family, but the fact that Wade had used and manipulated Lily turned her haggard in just mere days.

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