No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1217

Lily had lost almost five kilograms within several days.

Lily exhaled a long breath as she gazed at the entrance to the Lagorio family’s residence before entering with the old man.

Not long after, several young men guarding at the mountainside saw Lily. “Eldest Miss has returned!”

Someone immediately ran to inform the others after they saw them.

A girl walked toward her and smilingly spoke, “Eldest Miss, why did you come back alone?”

It was not long until the girl noticed something wrong with Lily. Once an all-smiles, joyful woman every time she returned, the current Lily looked as if she did not have any energy and was extremely dispirited.

The young girl frowned and asked carefully, “Eldest Miss, what… What happened to you? Why do you look so languish?”

The old man beside them sighed. “Young Susan, stop nosing in. It’s hard to explain everything in just seconds.”

The duo continued walking forward and they soon arrived at a huge square at the mountainside.

At that moment, Master Lagorio, along with Old Master Lagorio and quite a number of elders, rushed out to welcome them.

As Lily had not returned to her maiden family for many years, the Lagorios were naturally happy when they heard she was back.

“Daughter, what… What happened to you?” Lily’s mother immediately recognized that something was wrong with Lily the moment she saw her daughter and immediately guessed, “Had… Had they found Lance’s body? Could it be that Lance really died?”

Lily shook her head lifelessly before raising her head to look at her father. With reddened eyes, she spoke, “Father, I don’t even have my fighting prowess right now. That bastard Nash White chased me out of the Lagorio family and destroyed my fighting prowess. I’m a commoner right now.”

“What?!” Master Lagorio almost fainted due to anger after he heard this. He took a long while to regain his composure before asking, “What actually happened? How dare Nash White treat you like that!”

The old man from the Lagorio family sighed and said, “Master, Eldest Miss was in an illicit relationship with the Third Elder, and they… They even wanted to rebel to take the White family master title. They didn’t expect to fail, and Wade White was killed. Several elders and patronums that were ready to rebel together with them were also killed.”

Stunned at what he heard, Master Lagorio grew increasingly doubtful. “What is all of this? Wasn’t everything alright previously? Why do you want to rebel? Didn’t Nash catch a weird disease and was dying? I just thought of visiting him in another two days, too. Why am I hearing treasons and illicit relationships?”

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