No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1219

“Eldest Miss, why… Why do you think that? You were married to him, might I remind you, and you were the one at fault in the beginning. Master Nash wouldn’t have treated you in such a way otherwise.”

The elder who carried the Lagorio surname tried to coax Lily after hearing her rather aggressive stance. “I think it’s best to just let it go; surely Master Nash won’t harm Young Master Lance should he return if you stand down. He’d surely ask him to return to us Lagorios since there can’t be two tigers in a mountain. He definitely won’t let Young Master Lance to continue staying in the White family as you’ve already been expelled from the White family.”

The old man paused before he added, “As for the situation where both families really started a war… Firstly, the Lagorio family is definitely no match for the White family. Although the White family lost the Third Elder and several people who were faithful to you, Miss, but the White family can definitely withstand this loss. Secondly, once the war starts, how do you think the White family members will treat Young Master Lance if he’s alive and returns to the White family? They’ll kill him on sight!”

Old Master Lagorio also nodded in agreement after he heard this and said to Lily, “Lily, I think Xavier has a point. No matter from which point of view we look at it from, we don’t have the capability right now to wipe out the White family. Apart from that, Lance’s situation is unknown. Although he’s Nash’s son, Jack is the family master inheritor right now. Our relationship with the White family will affect Nash’s attitude towards Lance after he returns.”

Master Trenton also nodded after he thought about it. “It’s true, my dear. I also understand that you want to kill Nash and Jack badly, but we can’t act impulsively on this matter. As the saying goes, ‘a starved camel is bigger than a horse.’ We’d get nothing out of a war, so we’ll have to keep ourselves in check on this matter.”

Lily’s mother, Diana Simpson, also stepped forward to persuade her daughter, “Daughter, it’s best if you go back to your room and rest well for the next two days. I believe that Lance is still alive, and for the sake of Lance’s safety, we shouldn’t fight with the White family right now. Fret not, my dear—the Lagorios will deliver justice in your stead, little by little.”

Only then did Lily nod in agreement. She thought about it and spoke again, “Father, our Lagorio family also needs to send some people into the woods to search and see if we can find Lance. It’d be best if we can find him.”

“Alright, alright, alright. I promise I’ll send people to carry out the search.” Trenton nodded continuously and promised Lily.

Diana glanced at the servants by her side and ordered, “The few of you, bring my daughter so she can take a rest. Cook some good soup tonight for her to replenish her body.”

Soon, Lily left with several servants in tow.

Finally, Trenton looked at the old man who sent Lily back and asked, “Xavier Lagorio, how about you? Do you plan to go back to the White family or stay at the Lagorio family from now on?”

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