No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1220

Sheepish as he was questioned on the spot, Xavier smiled bitterly and said, “Master, I plan to return to the White family. After all, the White family master treats me well, and he even saved me once… While I am a Lagorio, I used to be a mere member of the Lagorio branch family…”

Hearing his response, Trenton smirked bitterly. “Amazing. Never thought you’d be the White family’s lapdog despite being there for several years. Haha… This is absurd! Have you forgotten that you’re a Lagorio?”

Xavier was enraged to hear Trenton’s remark; never once was he treated well when he stayed with the Lagorios. extremely angry. Instead, he was bullied.

Surprisingly, upon entering the White family, not only was he given an important position but he was also saved by Nash once. He had secretly vowed from that day on that his life belonged to the White family.

That was why he chose to side with the White family instead of being with Lily and the Third Elder.

Never did he think that him kindly sending Lily back to the Lagorios would be met with sarcasm from Trenton, who even called him a lapdog.

Through gritted teeth, Xavier denounced, “I’m well aware I’m a Lagorio, Master, but as humans, we need to push forward, not to mention that I owe Nash White my life. My family name is Lagorio, but I understand the need to have gratitude. A person can’t be without their conscience! My sons died fighting for the Lagorio family, and I don’t owe the Lagorio family anything!” He turned around and was prepared to leave.

“Are you insane? How dare you speak to our family master like that!” The First Elder of the Lagorio family flipped his hand and took a sword out, ready to attack.

“Stop!” came the sharp order from the Lagorios’ Old Master. “Let him leave.”

Xavier stopped walking and turned around to look at the crowd before gesturing with his hands. “Goodbye.”

After he spoke, Xavier stepped with the tips of his toes and Chi appeared under his feet. He directly rushed upward into the sky and flew downward.

Within several breaths, Xavier had disappeared from everybody’s sight.

The Lagorio family’s First Elder said to Old Master Lagorio anxiously after Xavier left, “Old Master, Xavier has a high martial level, and we can’t let him leave. We’re considered enemies of the White family, and we’ll be in war against them sooner or later—it’ll be in our best interest to kill such a strong demi-god master. He’s at the peak level of the demi-god stage, and he might be able to break into the true god-level someday soon!”

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