No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1222

Diana frowned when she thought about it. “Though these families have misunderstandings with White family, it’s nothing too bad, too much. Previously, some families suppressed them and didn’t want them to rise, but Nash was really good at handling issues. He disciplined his subordinates and stopped them from having conflicts with the others. Hence, it’s obviously very difficult to let them and the White family completely start a war with just mere misunderstandings.”

Old Master Lagorio also nodded and said, “Don’t worry, there will be opportunities. Otherwise, we’ll make some our own.”

From then on, The Lagorios readied themselves and became the White family’s enemy.

Jack woke up early the next morning and went to wash up. Walking to the garden soon after, he noted Daniella was already waiting for him there.

Smiling, Jack spoke, “You’re up so early this morning, Third Young Mistress Cabello!”

“Can’t I do that? Hmph. You’ll probably sneak away had I woken up any later. What should I do by then?” Daniella pursed her delicate mouth and placed both hands behind her back before she poked, “Anyways, I don’t care. I’m following you for these two to three days before my fighting prowess returns, when I can use my Chi again.”

“Alright, you can follow me if you’re alright with wearing yourself out. After all, you can’t keep asking me to carry you on my back as we’re traveling for such a long journey, no?” Jack shrugged his shoulders and walked toward the main entrance.

“I never thought of that! You came up with that yourself!” Daniella’s face flushed a crimson red as she followed behind Jack. She then pursed her lips and said, “Did you have that thought since you carried me yesterday? Did you gain something out of it?”

Jack was speechless. “You seem really confident of your own beauty.”

“That’s for sure. My beauty is obvious for all to see!” Daniella had an arrogant expression on her face as she followed behind Jack, though she grew abashed at what she spoke. “But, seeing you rescued me yesterday, I guess I can let you carry me.”

The fact that Jack allowed Nikini to join the main family yesterday made Daniella see Jack in a new light. It seemed like Jack was quite kind, and his act could win the hearts of the people. This caused members of the branch families to completely venerate him.

As they walked toward the village’s entrance, Jack noticed that Mason and the others were already there, waiting for them.

“You’re all up so early in the morning!” Jack smiled and was slightly moved—it was evident they wanted to see him off.

“Young Master Jack, we prepared a fine steed for you, and this is the best horse among all the horse thieves’ horses!” Mason led a horse over and smilingly explained, “This is Blood Dragon Horse and can be considered a low-level monster beast. Swift and speedy, it won’t take you long to reach the next branch family. The most important point is that you’ll be able to conserve your Chi if you don’t use it to fly, right?”

Jack’s expression shifted uneasily as Mason explained it all. “What a gift you’ve prepared for me, but I’ve never ridden a horse before, and I don’t know how to ride this even if you give it to me.”

“How’s that possible…? You don’t know how to ride horses?!” Many were stunned at Jack’s reply. Everybody was a trainer, and most of them knew how to ride such horses. Jack not knowing how to ride a horse baffled them.

However, it seemed true when they thought about it. Jack was different from the others as he had returned from the outside world. It was normal that he had not practiced riding a Blood Dragon Horse.

“I know how!”

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