No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1225

Both Jack and Daniella got down from the horse right after it stopped.

The blushing Daniella tied the horse under a tree not far from where they were before she walked back to Jack. “Well? How’s your first experience riding a horse?” she spoke in an attempt to diffuse the awkward atmosphere, only realizing moments later how wrong it sounded.

Did she just ask Jack how he felt?

To disperse the tension, Jack so casually replied, “It’s my first time riding a horse. I felt quite nervous initially, but it became exciting soon after!”

Jack noted that Daniella’s face turned a crimson red after he spoke as she lowered her face, not daring to meet his gaze.

“Alright! Let’s go in!” Jack’s behavior baffled her—this man just blatantly said it was ‘exciting’. What a pervert! How could it not be when he held her by the waist? Jack probably liked her, but he refused to admit it.

Jack was also speechless as he knew that this pretty lass had misunderstood him. However, he did not know how to explain himself. Why did he even say it was ‘exciting’ in the first place?

Not long after they entered the village, two men guarding the entrance walked forward to them and spoke, “Greetings. The two of you are…?”

Jack smiled indifferently. “I’m from the White main family. Please ask your family master to come out.”

“Somebody from the main family?” One of them was stunned as they had never seen Jack. They nodded in doubt before going in to make the report.

Soon, the master of this clan came out with several people, his expression shifting into excitement when he saw that it was Jack. He quickly brought his people with him and greeted them, “Greetings, Young Master Jack!”

“Jack? It’s Jack!” Many from this small clan that relied on the White family had never met Jack, though they had heard about things happening in the main family after their family master returned. When they heard that the person before them was Jack, all of them were extremely excited.

“Greetings, Young Master Jack!” Everybody immediately saluted him.

“There’s no need for such politeness. I’m here today to choose two prodigies for training at our main family. I believe that Master Asher Owens has informed everybody?” addressed the smiling Jack.

“Yes, he told us!” One of the elders of this power immediately walked forward happily and nodded in satisfaction. “The family master told us that Young Master Jack might come over to pick prodigies and asked us to make a pre-selection. We’ve made our selection, but we thought that you won’t be coming. After all, we’re a small clan that doesn’t carry the White family surname… We thought you won’t be coming.”

The elder then glanced at Daniella as he smilingly added, ”However, our family master only said that Young Master Jack was coming; we never thought you’d bring your wife as well. We’ve heard rumors about how extremely beautiful Young Master Jack’s wife is. Seeing her now in person, she really lives up to the rumors!”

“Wife?” Jack was baffled, stunned silent at such a remark. It seemed like this old man had never met Selena, so he thought Daniella was his wife.

Daniella, who stood next to them, blushed so hard, wanting to bury herself in a deep hole.

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