No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1226

“Oh my, Mrs. Jack White is so abashed that she’s blushing like a little girl! Nonetheless, you still look sweeter. No wonder Young Master Jack chose you!” added the elder, much to everyone’s surprise.

That comment filled Daniella with mirth.

She rolled her eyes at the other party flirtatiously before speaking, “You’re right about me being beautiful, but I’m not his wife.”

“W…What?” The elder was embarrassed when he heard that. Had he gotten it all wrong?

Jack gave an awkward smile before he walked forward to explain, “This is Third Young Mistress Cabello, Ms. Daniella. Please don’t misunderstand us.”

The elder was shocked to hear Jack’s explanation. “Third Young Mistress Cabello? She’s one of the well-known bells, which is why I assumed her identity wrongly. After all, I heard Young Master Jack’s wife is also extremely gorgeous and that…that’s why I misunderstood. Please forgive me, Third Young Mistress!”

“Don’t sweat it—one who doesn’t know, isn’t guilty! After all, you’ve never seen me before, too!” Daniella waved her hand dismissively, though the butterflies still fluttered in her stomach. After all, that meant that she looked gorgeous, and any girl would have been just as flattered with such a compliment.

Jack was dumbfounded at the elder. “Seems like you’ve got a knack for flattery!” He could see that this old guy was flattering them with wishes so he could make a good impression or familiarize himself with Jack. Never did the elder think the person following Jack was the young miss of the Cabello family.

“By the way, since you had your pick from your people, ask them to come out so that I can register their name,” said Jack, getting back to business.

Startled, the Owens’ family master stuttered, “They c—can register right now?”

Jack was slightly stunned before he said, “Definitely. It’s alright since you people have made your choices and there are no objections. It saves up my time too!”

“It’s no trouble at all! I just feel like we’re dreaming right now… I thought that you’d ignore us after analyzing our people, knowing their fighting prowess isn’t good enough!” The Owens’ family master glanced at the boy-and-girl pair from his clan before he added, “After all, small clans like us normally don’t have any martial enhancement resources, so although they’re quite talented, their fighting prowess reaches only the ninth-grade grandmaster level. They aren’t even in the elementary level of the demi-god stage. I fear you’ll regret having them when you find that their fighting prowess is too low…!”

Jack immediately replied with a smile, “It’s not about whether anyone’s suitable or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small clans—you’re still clans of our White family, and every clan has at least two positions. How can I take your two positions because of a low count of members or ‘not good enough’ prodigies? This would be hard to explain. Our White family aren’t like that!”

After he spoke, Jack looked at the two young people and said, “What are your names? Come and register yourselves.”

“Thank… Thank you, Young Master Jack!”

The young man and woman glanced at each other, joy filling their eyes as they walked toward Jack and registered their names.

Jack smiled and said, “Alright, you guys can prepare yourselves to register at the main family.”

“Young Master Jack, do you want to go in and take a rest? It’s still early, no?”

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