No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1228

However, the young woman rolled her eyes at the young man. “What are you talking about? Why would he ask you to go come along if he’s interested in just me? Unnecessary, no? Would he ask you to observe us when he takes advantage of me?”

The guy smiled bitterly. “I’m worried because you’re quite the pretty face. What if Jack made up that excuse because everyone else was present—including the family master—and have me leave after we both go to him later? What if he asks you to go into the room alone? We’ll never know!”

“What are you talking about? Young Master Jack isn’t that kind of person!” The young woman once again rolled her eyes at the young man before a sweet smile appeared on her face. “It’s good if such a prepossessing man like Young Master Jack can fancy me…but I heard that his wife is drop-dead gorgeous. You can see what a beauty that Third Young Mistress Cabello is. I think those two share a tight bond, which probably explains why such an angel is willing to follow him!”

The young man frowned. “Didn’t they explain themselves? The woman isn’t his wife, and they’re only friends!”

“Are you really dumb?” grumbled the young lady. “Just think about it: If they truly are just friends, how can they both share a horse? I can see the eyes of the Third Young Mistress of Cabello lighting up when she looked at Young Master Jack. They obviously have an unusual relationship, even if they aren’t husband and wife!”

“You got a point. Why didn’t they ride two horses and instead rode just one? Seems like it truly is some ambiguous relationship!” The man nodded and thought about it before speaking again, “Of course, no harm in them both being together; the Cabello family is hauntingly powerful after all. The White family’s position must’ve plummeted after what happened with the Third Elder and First Madam. If Jack can be together with the young miss of the Cabello family, it ensures a prosperous development for our White family!”

The young lady frowned. “Yeah, that’s true, but the relationship between the White family and Cabello family has always been strained. Hence, it’s definitely difficult for the Cabello family’s master to give them blessings…”


Busied with cultivating pills in the room, Jack would have been appalled to hear whatever the Owens family’s prodigies were discussing outside.

Daniella, who was by his side, fell silent in awe at what she saw—the pills Jack cultivated were indeed first-grade intermediate pills. The most important thing was how skilled Jack was. He looked almost the same as a First Elder who had researched pills for many years.

Daniella was completely attracted to Jack when she saw how focused he was. As his expression would shift from frowning to smiling lightly, Jack’s expressions seemingly affected her thoughts. She eyed the changes in his mood, his nervousness, and happiness. It was as if Jack was not the person cultivating the pills but her as well.

“Done!” Finally, Jack raised his hand and finished cultivating a furnace of pills. Two pills flew upward before landing in Jack’s palm.

The pills looked round and plump. They carried a faint smell of herbs and medicine and were obviously of good quality.

“Look at you, you’re all sweaty!” Daniella could not help but take out her handkerchief and helped wipe Jack’s forehead when she saw that Jack had completed cultivating the pills. Her beautiful eyes looked very serious when she helped him.

“Err, well… Thank you!” Jack had an embarrassed expression on his face as he smiled shyly, placing the furnace away.


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