No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1230

“Thank you very much…!” Still embarrassed at what happened this morning, he fought his shyness and got up the horse’s back, sitting behind Daniella.

“Are you sure you don’t want to hold on to me? Don’t fall later!” reminded the blushing Daniella.

“Alright…!” replied Jack before placing his hands around Daniella’s waist from behind.

Recalling something, Daniella then said, “Oh, right. The triennial martial arts competition among the shadow families is coming up next month. Although it’s just for us to learn from each other, it bears great importance for the eight families and the other shadow families. As a member of the White main family, you have such high fighting prowess. You’ll definitely join since you must be a master of the main family, right?”

Jack nodded. “My father told me about that, and that’s why I got to make this trip of choosing prodigies for the main family short. I need to go back earlier so that I can join this martial arts competition, and that’s why I don’t want to rest here for too long, leaving once everything is settled.”

Jack paused for a moment before a smile grew on his face as he spoke, “I’m lucky that the White branch families aren’t far from the clans depending on us. I’ll get to wrap up everything if I get to it quickly.”

“But you’ll still be out of time!” Daniella thought about it and said, “I got an idea: Why don’t I just take the reins on the horse from now on? This will be much faster. You’ll only wear yourself out and deplete your Chi if I leave and you rely on flying. You’ll also need more time, too!”

“It doesn’t sound too good…” Jack was embarrassed. Riding the horse from one place to another would spare him several days, and they would need an estimated 20 days to get things done.

If things went out of plan, however, they would need at least 20 more days, meaning he would not have enough time to return for the tournament.

“Hey, what’s not good about it? If it wasn’t for you, I would’ve been insulted by that bastard back then, and that’s even worse than killing me. This is the same as saving my life, do you understand? You saved my life, so what’s the big about me helping you?” Smiling, Daniella then added, “Of course, you’ll have to repay me since I’m helping you!”

“What is it, then?” Jack frowned, never expecting she would ask for a favor after she offered him help without him asking for it.

“It’s simple: I’d like to follow you to the White family and take a look after we’re done. I’ve never been to the White family yet. Will you welcome me there?” Daniella was filled with expectations. Not only was Jack handsome, but he had a respectable position and identity. He was nice to people and even knew how to cultivate pills. To her, Jack had surpassed many of the young masters who had courted her.

Those master young masters who bore great positions seemingly paled insignificantly when compared to Jack, and that was no stretch nor lie.

“This doesn’t sound too good, right?” Jack was slightly worried. After all, the Cabello family and the White family never had a good relationship. Should the Cabellos turn hostile entirely, things would take a turn for the worse as Daniella knew where their branch families were.

“Hey, what’s so bad about that?” Daniella soon thought of something. “I get it… Knowing that the White family and the Cabellos aren’t on good terms, you don’t want to let me go there, right? True, the Cabello family doesn’t have a good relationship with the White family, but it’s not that bad, right? Apart from that, I can’t completely represent the Cabello family. I just want to go to the White family and play!”

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