No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1232

Thus, they continued their journey ahead on their steed, with Daniella eager at the thought of having dinner with Jack alone.

Moreover, she found that being next to Jack gave her a sense of security. Although he was six or seven years older than her, the mature Jack made her even more fascinated as she spent days with him.

He was a far cry from the other young masters that gifted her roses, chocolates, jade pendants, and spirited grasses. They bored her senseless.

Eventually, the duo arrived outside a small town as the sky slowly turned dark.

The small town seemed rather vast as it was brightly lit at this hour, festive-looking as many night market stalls were put up on the streets.

“Not bad… This small town looks much like an ancient, bygone town. What a sight for sore eyes!” Daniella had a smile on her face as she walked on the wide bluestone street with the tall Blood dragon Horse in tow.

“Feel free to tell me whatever you’d like to eat, Third Young Mistress Cabello, there’s no need to be polite. You can choose from any of these restaurants!”

“There’s a hotel in front that looks promising, too!” said Jack to Daniella as he enjoyed the night view.

“Well, I don’t want to go to big hotels. Let’s just find a small restaurant with a better environment; that’s the highlight of it all!” Daniella nodded before turning to Jack again and said, “By the way, can you stop addressing me as Third Young Mistress Cabello? You know that you…you can call me Daniella, right?”

“Alright, Daniella.” Jack smiled. The two of them walked for a while before they found a quaint yet pleasant restaurant.

“Let’s go to the second floor. We can still sit on the side of the second floor and enjoy the night view of the streets below.” Daniella pulled Jack, ready to go to the second floor after asking the waiter to bring the horse to the stables.

Two muscular men guarded the staircase that led to the second floor, however, and when they saw Jack and Daniella about to go upstairs, one of them stopped the duo with an extended hand.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Daniella frowned, confused at the sudden gesture.

Eyeing them both, one of the men sneered, “Guests, in our restaurant, the first floor is for the commoners, but the second floor is different. Only the young masters in our town can afford to pay for things that are served on the second floor. Besides, the recipes here are different. They serve monster beasts’ meat, and spirited stones are used to pay the bill, got it?”

Spirited stones were materials that martial artists often used for training, and they contain immense Chi. The purer the stone, the more Chi it contained.

Ordinary low-grade spirit stones were similar to Chi Congregation Pills, but its effects were not as good as Chi Congregation Pills.

However, the more advanced middle-grade or high-grade spirit stones were far more potent than the Chi Congregation Pills, especially the high-grade spirit stones that were awfully rare. A high-grade spirit stone was equal to one hundred medium-grade spirit stones.

Of course, there were also the legendary top-grade spirit stones, which only existed in legends. No one had ever seen them since top-grade spirit stones were also rarely seen. It was considered good enough to occasionally see some middle-grade spirit stones.

Being a martial artist meant that they obviously did not have much interest in money. They basically trade with spirit stones, as spirit stones were much more practical.

Therefore, the two Herculean men thought that Jack and Daniella could not afford to be on the second floor when they could not recognize them as any members of the families in this town.

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