No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1233

Much like casual martial artists, people like them would only have small amounts of spirited stones. It was considered nice to have several pieces, though they would use such spirited stones to train and try improving themselves as much as possible. How could they use it for food?

“This is ridiculous! Open your dog-like eyes and see who I am! Do I look like somebody who can’t afford a meal?” It was apparent that Daniella had never received such treatment in the past as she was on the verge of exploding. She never expected to be looked down on when she came to a small town for food.

“What are you talking about, young girl? Do you know who the boss of our restaurant is? How dare you say ‘open your dog-like eyes’ to us! Haha…! Let me tell you this: even employees like us aren’t people you can simply offend!” The burly man immediately got angry and looked at Daniella despicably. “You’re a stunner, but that’s all you are, no cash on you. Women like you are trophy women—what else would you know apart from looking pretty?”

“That’s right!” The other burly man also immediately chimed in. “I think you’re just a trophy woman, too. Haha…! If you can’t afford things, just let this handsome young man treat you to a simple meal. You want something nice instead? You look like the leeching type, those who’ll dip after having their fill!”

Not forgetting Jack, the man turned to him next. “Young man, you look like a good person, so I’ll leave you a piece of advice: There are many women out there who suck people dry these days. You should be careful and not let her control you.”

“What the f*ck…? I’m really, really angry now!” Daniella saw red at that instant. She was the Third Young Mistress of the Cabello family, a family completely capable of entering the top three positions among the eight shadow families. They had three people with the fighting prowess of peak level true god stage, and such power was much stronger than the White family, who was at the bottom of the food chain.

As the third young mistress of the Cabello family, she was treated as a precious girl among the Three Golden Flowers. Both her sisters spoiled her and her entire family loved her.

How could she not be angry when somebody called her a trophy woman that leeched off of others?

Before Jack could speak, she threw her fist at one of the men, squarely at his abdomen.


The burly man flew backward for a couple of meters before landing on the ground, and blood leaked out of his mouth.

Daniella could utilize her Chi, one with power of a peak stage demi-god level master that no regular person could withstand.

Hence, a simple punch would inflict intense pain on her opponent.

“How dare you cause trouble here! Do you have a death wish or something?!” The other burly man was enraged at what transpired. Balling his hands into fists, he threw one at Daniella.

“Pfft! You, alone?!” Noting how the man was charging straight for her, Daniella swung her fist and sent that person flying.


That guy also fell to the ground and vomited blood.

A man soon rushed in from the entrance with a dozen people and surrounded the duo. “Who are you? How dare you cause trouble in the place owned by our Murphy family?”

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