No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1235

Relieved that they were pardoned, both burly men knelt again and started slapping themselves.

“Thank you for forgiving the faults of these petty people, Miss Cabello!” Young Master Murphy was also relieved. After all, these two subordinates of his were at the grandmaster level. They were fifth or sixth-grade grandmasters, and such fighting prowess was considered stellar to the Murphy family. That was why they were sent to guard the restaurant.

He never foresaw such an event would happen, and it made him feel helpless.

He thought about it and said again, “All of you, listen to me: Everything Third Young Mistress Cabello orders tonight will be free, understand?”

“Yes, Sir!” The other waiters in the restaurant immediately replied.

“That’s more like it!” Daniella patted Young Master Murphy on his shoulder when she saw how understanding he was. “Remember to ask your subordinates to not look down on others in the future. I’m not the only one they can’t afford to offend. This good friend of mine is the White family’s young master, and they shouldn’t cross him as well. He can wipe out your entire town with one hand. Do you believe that?”

“I believe… I do believe…” Young Master Murphy’s sweat dripped down his forehead unknowingly. Still, it made sense that the friends of Third Young Mistress Cabello had high positions. How else could they be qualified to stand beside the Third Young Mistress Cabello?

Jack smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

Danielle turned and walked upstairs before remembering something. “Serve us a serving of every specialty you have here!” she called out.

“A…Alright!” Young Master Murphy wiped his cold sweat and nodded vehemently.

“That’s more like it!” Daniella smiled and turned to walk up the stairs.

“Goodness… Who would’ve known that the Cabello family’s third young mistress and the White family’s young master would come to our town? F*ck… My heart shook at that! Our Murphy family nearly got destroyed!” Young Master Murphy relaxed as both Jack and Daniella went upstairs, and he then noted how his legs turned to jelly.

“Luckily, that guy helped us to beg for forgiveness, or we would’ve died!” The two burly men, their faces swollen and bruised from all their slaps, were inwardly relieved. They never imagined that two people of such honorable positions would dine at a humble place like theirs.

“We have a situation, Young Master!” At this moment, a guy standing beside Young Master Murphy yelled in surprise.

“What? What happened?” Young Master Murphy nearly fainted from fright. He just got the time to take a breather! Why did his subordinate shock him again?

That subordinate immediately said, “The young master of the Ladenberg family, Ezra Ladenberg is also having dinner upstairs tonight.”

“Ezra Ladenberg…!” Young Master Murphy’s face darkened. The Ladenberg family was the enemy of the Murphy family, and their overall power was slightly stronger.

That was why Ezra Ladenberg had been tyrannical and bullied those around him all the time. He never paid whenever he had meals in their restaurant, much to Young Master Murphy’s chagrin, yet there was nothing he could do.

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