No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1236

“Yes young master. Ezra Ladenberg is not a nice person and the Third Young Mistress Cabello is really beautiful. It so happens that Ezra is an extremely lecherous person and I’m afraid that something bad will happen later!” The subordinate looked anxious as he thought about it. He immediately said, “Young master, this won’t work. We need to rush over and remind Young Master Ladenberg or they will definitely get into a fight!”

However, Young Master Murphy stopped him. “Remind? Why should we remind him? The Ladenberg family had been suppressing our Murphy family all this while and that Young Master Ladenberg is wildly arrogant. This is a great chance to get rid of the Ladenberg family. Those two almost died because they offended that woman. Do you think that they would still be alive if they took advantage of Third Young Mistress Cabello?”

The subordinate’s eyes lit up when he heard this. “That’s right, why didn’t I think about this. I was only thinking about how our tables and chairs would be destroyed if they get into a brawl later. With the protective nature of Master Ladenberg, he would definitely avenge his son without finding out the reason if Young Master Ladenberg was killed. If that’s the case…”

Young Master Murphy nodded. “There are many guests upstairs and who knows how the news is going to reach the Ladenberg family later?”

A smile appeared on the corners of Young Master Murphy’s mouth when they arrived at that point of the conversation. He said to his subordinate, “Immediately go and send the message to the Ladenberg family if they get into a fight later. Do you understand?”

“I understand!” The subordinate smiled with his face filled with anticipation.

Jack and Daniella sat at the space next to the window after they went upstairs.

The view from the second floor was extremely beautiful.

However, as what Young Master Murphy and the others had expected, Young Master Ladenberg and several others also saw the two over there.

“Psst psst, what a scene. Why haven’t I seen such a beauty before?” Young Master Ladenberg could not help but swallow his saliva and exclaimed after he looked around for a while.

The guy opposite him said with a smile, “It looks like these two are casual trainers who passed by this area and are here for a meal.”

“Casual trainers?” Young Master Ladenberg had a smirk on his face and said, “Then we can’t let them leave so easily. Since they are not people from our town, it would be difficult for others to find them if anything happens to them. If we let such a beauty leave, it would be difficult to meet one the next time even if we want to!”

“Haha… Young master, don’t worry about it! Leave this in my hands!” The subordinate opposite the young master directly stood up after he smiled and walked toward Daniella.

“Young lady, you are really gorgeous! Your beauty will make the moon and flowers shy!” The man said flirtatiously as soon as he arrived in front of Daniella.

Daniella frowned and glanced at him as her facial expression darkened. “I don’t know who you are, how can I help you?”

The man smirked as he glanced toward where Young master Ladenberg was and said, “Young lady, our Young Master Ladenberg would like to invite you over for a chat. I hope that you will give him face!”

Daniella looked over and a fatty was sitting there with beautiful women on each side of his arms. He had oil stains on the corners of his mouth and was smiling at her like a lecherous fool.

She directly glanced at the man in front of her with a cold expression on her face. “F*ck off! I’m not interested in such rubbish!”

“Haha… Young lady, you don’t need to be in a hurry to reject us!” The man in front of her did not seem to be angry. He flipped his hand and came up with a middle-grade spirited stone. He placed it on the table. “This is a middle-grade spirited stone and it has an equal worth to one hundred low-grade spirited stones. Casual trainers like you have never seen spirited stones like this right? Haha… How about that?”

“You’re giving it to me?” Daniella glanced at the spirited stone on the table in despise.

The man nodded with a smile. “Of course. Young lady, we’re all smart people. You only need to keep our young master company tonight. As long as our young master enjoys himself tonight, this middle-grade spirited stone is yours! Not any person can meet with such a good opportunity!”

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