No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1239

At this moment, Young Master Maack walked over with a smile on his face and placed two bottles of wine on the table.

“Third Young Mistress Cabello and Young Master White, I present to you the legendary monkey wine, a wine whose sweetness is unparalleled, and its aroma thick and flavorful. It’s extremely beneficial for those who are training to become chi masters!”

Young Master Maack introduced the wine to Jack, grinning. “My father stores it here, and I usually don’t dare to drink it. I only take a few sips when he’s around. Best of all, a wine like this is extremely hard to procure!”

Jack noticed the other man’s bootlicking demeanor and frowned. “If this wine is truly as rare and as good as you say it is, why would you bring it out for us?”

Daniella’s brows creased together when she heard Jack’s words. Her gaze toward Young Master Maack sharpened. “Don’t tell me that you’ve spiked this drink, Young Master Maack. We’re not as gullible as you think we are!”

Young Master Maack nearly collapsed after he heard that. “I would never dare to do something like that even if you gave me a billion dollars,” he replied hastily. “How could I do that? I have no right to even touch either of you, being the powerful heir and heiress you two are. Why would I harbor ill intentions toward you!”

Here, Young Master Maack paused for a while, his eyes skittering toward the body of Young Master Ladenberg. “To be honest with you, that dead fatty is the young master of the Ladenberg family,” he finally said, huffing. “The Ladenberg family is the most powerful family in our city, and that fatty regularly bullied us. I was so glad when you killed him, so of course, I had to thank you in some way. Besides, it’s just two bottles of wine. It’s nothing compared to what you did!”

“Good. I knew you didn’t have the guts!”

Daniella swiped for one of the bottles and uncorked it. Its thick, heavenly scent hit her nostrils, and she felt as though she could get drunk from its smell alone.

“My God. That’s the smell of monkey wine. I want some too!”

A few guests sitting at the surrounding tables caught a whiff of the wine. All of them gulped and stared at Jack and Daniella in admiration.

No one thought that the Maack family had such a prized possession—and that it would be taken out just for the two of them.

“My God. This–this is beautiful!”

Jack’s eyes brightened once he smelled the wine. He liked alcohol and had a high tolerance for it, so naturally, a wine like that would make him excited.

“Then I’ll go for it!”

Jack smiled and opened the other bottle, gulping it down straight from the bottle.

He only reluctantly set the bottle down after taking a few gulps. “This is fantastic. It doesn’t burn at all, and its aroma is so strong. This is one amazing wine.”

Daniella and Young Master Maack stared at him, boggle-eyed. He had downed the alcohol a little too fast, had he not?

“Eat something, Jack!”

Daniella smiled and heaped a piece of monster meat onto Jack’s plate. Then she poured the wine out into a glass and took a sip out of it. “This is really good!”

“You’d better eat up too, Daniella!”

After all, she was of a significant position, and she had taken a piece of meat for him. Jack felt slightly embarrassed, so he did the same for her as well.

However, this simple gesture stirred Daniella’s heart. Jack had actually given her food. Was he trying to hint at something else?

“Take your time here. I’ll get out of your hair. Just inform me if you need anything!”

Young Master Maack, who was very observant, noticed the slight flush on Daniella’s cheeks. He surmised that the two might be a couple, and he left with a grin on his face, not wanting to become the third wheel.

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