No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1240

Daniella could not help but feel worried as she watched Jack practically inhaling the wine. She frowned and said, “Jack, I know this is a rare wine but don’t down it like that. You’ll get drunk!”

Jack gave a careless smile when he heard that. “Heh. Don’t worry about me. I have a pretty good alcohol tolerance. No ordinary person can lure me into a drunken state. And do you know that martial artists have a far higher tolerance for alcohol than normal people? Martial artists have a far stronger body composition, so that’s why normal people can’t compare to us.”

“That’s true!”

Daniella flashed an awkward smile in return.

The two drank for a while. Master Ladenberg then brought many fighters from the Ladenberg family over.

“F*ck. Who killed my son?”

Master Ladenberg rushed over and scanned the area, absolutely livid.

He quickly realized that many of the guests had their attention directed toward Jack.

“Were you the one who killed my son, you little sh*t? Do you have a death wish?”

Thomas Ladenberg flipped his palm and took out a sword, pointing it at Jack.

Jack stood up and flipped his palm as well, staring at the intruder impatiently. “I think you’re the one who has a death wish here. Your son was stupid enough to want to have Miss Daniella Cabello, so of course, he had to die. And you’re trying to avenge him?”

“Of course!”

Thomas was so furious that a vein throbbed at his forehead. He could not be bothered to talk to Jack anymore, so he gathered his chi in his palm and channeled it into his sword. Then he slashed the blade toward Jack.

A sudden sword aura infused with a lot of chi slashed toward Jack, arcing into a flash of light.


The master of the Ladenberg family was a pretty strong fighter.

However, Jack did not care for him. After he harrumphed coldly, he threw out his own sword aura.

Another sword aura appeared. It was evident that it was much longer than Master Ladenberg’s, and the amount of chi that the older man’s attack contained could not be compared to Jack’s.

A frightening clash rang out. The next second, Master Ladenberg’s sword aura had been destroyed by Jack’s. He had been no match for Jack’s power.


Master Ladenberg was so shocked that he took a sharp intake of breath when he saw what happened. All color drained from his face.


The remaining energy from Jack’s sword aura was rushing toward him. Master Ladenberg released a cry and used the elder next to him as a shield without giving a second thought.


A dull thud rang out. Blood sprayed, and the elder stared at the gaping hole in his chest in disbelief. He looked at Master Ladenberg. “You…”

After he said that, and as Master Ladenberg released his grip, the elder collapsed onto the ground, no longer breathing.

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