No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1242

The two continued to savor the wine; Jack felt his muscles relaxing as he drank from the bottle.

After a while, the area had been cleaned up. The broken tables and chairs had all been carted away. However, there was no way to fix the gaping slashes along the walls and the floor for the time being. Fortunately, Jack had been controlling his strength during the fight. The hotel might have been completely destroyed otherwise.

After drinking for a while, Jack felt his head growing heavy.

“This is some wine. I didn’t feel anything just now, but now I’m getting dizzy.”

Jack’s face had gone all red. He blearily stared at Daniella’s perfect features, as if he was being pulled toward them.

He had to admit that the longer he looked at her, the prettier she seemed. No wonder many young masters of the shadow families wanted to court her.

“Slow–slow down. I told you just now, didn’t I? People who are drinking this for the first time can’t take too much. And you didn’t believe me…”

Daniella felt extremely embarrassed with Jack staring at her. She dipped her chin slightly, her heart pounding.

She had never experienced a feeling like this before.

By the time she raised her head, she saw that Jack was already slumped over the table. It seemed that the alcohol had finally worked its way into his system.

“Jeez. He’s completely drunk!”

Daniella did not know whether to laugh or cry at Jack’s drunken state. She walked over with a rueful smile on her face, lifting him up.

“Let’s go, Jack. You’re drunk!”

She supported Jack down the stairs.

“I’m not drunk. I can take some more of that delicious wine!”

Jack’s speech was slurred.

“Never mind. I’ll just carry you!”

At the staircase, Daniella hefted Jack onto her back and strode downward.

He was heavy, but he was easy enough to carry for Daniella, who was at the peak of the demi-god status.

She only put Jack down when they were at the concierge. “Give me two rooms please!” she told the staff.

The beautiful woman at the concierge looked at the two of them. “My apologies, Miss, but only one room is left since it’s late,” she replied, smiling.


When she heard this, Daniella drew her brows together. It was evident that she was in a dilemma.

However, she took one look at Jack beside her and said, “Fine. I’ll take the room!”

After she paid, Daniella supported Jack and went up the building.

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