No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1243

Master Maack also quickly arrived at his family’s hotel. He headed for the concierge to look for his monkey wine.

However, he got angry after searching for a while. He immediately called his son over. “Where’s my wine? There were three bottles of it. Why is only one left?”

Young Master Maack proffered a smile when he heard that. “I gave two bottles of wine to two of our customers!”

Master Maack was so furious that he nearly spewed blood when he heard this. That wine was so precious that he could not even bring himself to drink it, yet his son just gave it away to customers. Even if he had allowed customers to drink it, they should have at least paid a considerable sum of money for it instead, it was given away just like that.

“Are you getting a kick out of seeing me angry? Those are my treasured possessions, which I had kept for so many years. And you just gave it to someone else?”

Master Maack was livid. He shot his son a stormy look. “You ungrateful pig!”

Young Master Maack gave a bitter smile. “You can’t just accuse me of that, Father,” he explained helplessly. “You would praise me if you knew the circumstances, and you would think that giving those two bottles of wine away was worth it!”

“Worth it?”

Master Maack was so angry that he was speechless. “Fine. Explain everything to me,” he huffed. “Let’s see how ‘worth it’ it can possibly be. If I think otherwise, I will give you two hard slaps. Don’t think that I’ll spare your dignity!”

Young Master Maack was internally speechless. “We had two extremely important figures who visited us over dinner, Father,” he explained. “One of them was the third daughter of the Cabello family. The other the young master of the White family. Heh. They helped us kill the fighters of the Ladenberg family, and now the Ladenberg family’s territory is ours. I’ve already ordered our men to handle the takeover. Do you think that it’s worth giving the two bottles of wine to them now?”


Master Maack took a sharp intake of breath after he heard this. “Are you serious? So you’re saying that Master Ladenberg and his men are all dead?” he said excitedly. “If that’s the case, giving away those two bottles of wine was the best possible exchange to make!

“Oh, are Young Miss Cabello and Young Master White still around? I need to drink with them just to see their faces for a bit.”

Master Maack was extremely excited. The fury on his expression had long dissipated, and in its place, there was pure delight.

“They’ve gone! You don’t have the chance to drink with them anymore!”

Young Master Maack smiled. “We were fortunate. It so happened that Young Master Ladenberg was drinking upstairs when he spotted the third daughter of the Cabello family, and he could not help but have dirty intentions toward her. That fellow sentenced the entire Ladenberg family to death!”

“That’s fantastic. This way, nobody will dare to bully the Maack family in this city anymore!”

Longing suddenly flashed across Master Maack’s features. “It’s a pity though. Third Young Mistress Cabello is famed for her beauty. Not many can hope to compete against her. It would have been nice if I could even catch a glimpse of her. I’ve never gotten the chance to see her myself.”

He did not know that Daniella had carried Jack into the room. She nudged the door close with her foot and supported Jack onto the bed.

Yet just as she heaved a sigh of relief when they were at the foot of the bed, Jack fell straight onto the mattress. She was unsteady on her feet, so she fell along with him and landed atop his body.

Jack’s handsome visage was right before her. Her heart thudded against her chest, and nervousness clenched her veins.

“Water. I want water!”

Jack felt extremely thirsty and spoke thickly.

“All right. I’ll get water for you!”

Daniella shook herself to her senses and got up hurriedly, pouring water onto a cup for Jack.

She helped him drink the water before placing it on the bedside table. Then she noticed that Jack was dead asleep on the bed already.

“No way. He’s already sleeping!”

Daniella could not explain why a pang of disappointment filled her chest at the sight of his sleeping figure.

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