No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1246

Jack was rendered speechless. There was nothing he could do right now, he could only shut himself down, trying not to think about it first, and hoped that he had the chance to explain to Selena soon.

After washing up, the two rode on the blood dragon horse and set off toward the direction of the main residence of the White family.

Nonetheless, this time the feeling of awkwardness left Jack when he was holding Daniella’s waist from behind on the horseback. Perhaps, it was because of what happened last night that had made Jack at ease.

On the contrary, he felt that Daniella was stiff and awkward in front of him. Her cheeks were kissed pink, and her blush extended to the root of her ears.

Soon enough, the two arrived at the bottom of the mountain and both hopped off the horse.

“Young Master Jack!”

The two bodyguards at the gate were shocked at Jack’s early return. Jack was supposed to visit plenty of White branch families by himself to select young masters to come over to the main White family. But how could he return in merely twenty days? Moreover, he brought back a beautiful woman!

What shocked them the most was that the two rode on a horse together.

“This is the Third Young Mistress of the Cabello family. It just so happens that I coincidentally met her and saved her from the hands of brigands. She wanted to come over to visit the White family as well, that’s why she’s here with me!”

Jack let out dry coughs, trying to cover up his embarrassed face.

The two bodyguards were taken aback at this new piece of information. This beautiful woman before them was actually the legendary beauty queen of the Cabello family. The person in reality was much more stunning than in hearsays.

“May I trouble you to take this horse to rest and feed him well? I won’t be riding him for a long time.”

Daniella beamed and handed the horse to one of the bodyguards.

Jack eyed Daniella and introduced in a serious tone, “Miss Daniella, our residence is not as spacious and as large as your Cabello family. Let me bring you to meet my father first!”

“Hehe, it’s okay. Let me look at this place. The scenery is breathlessly exquisite, not bad at all, and the spiritual energy surrounding your residence is dense too. No wonder the White family has developed so well and fast in recent years!”

Daniella chuckled. She followed Jack’s pace, walking toward the top of the mountain.

Just after arriving at the square halfway up the mountain, Jack ran into Kylie who was playing with Lana and the others. He felt a sudden surge of happiness at the scene before him. “Kylie!” He beamed.

Kylie wheeled her head. Her bright and brilliant huge eyes were immediately lit up. “Daddy!” She skipped toward Jack.

“Sigh! That fella has finally returned!”

Fiona smiled as she saw Jack at the square.

However, after she noticed the other person’s existence standing beside Jack, an attractive and lovely woman, her brows immediately snapped together. “Who’s that woman beside Jack? How come she came back with Jack? This woman looks like a vixen. Don’t tell me Jack found himself a second wife!”

Lana immediately responded, “That’s not possible. Jack is not a callous man. Besides, I’ve never seen this woman before, and since she came with Jack, I guess she should be one of the masters that Jack picks from the branch families. She just so happened to come with Jack.”

“Oh, that makes sense!”

Fiona nodded, then again she furrowed and said, “This woman is a natural beauty, isn’t she?”

Lana could not help but look in the direction of Daniella after hearing Fiona’s compliment for that woman. Not knowing why, Lana was feeling bitter, and perhaps jealous, in her heart. This woman looked younger than her, more good-looking than her and her skin was even more supple and smoother than hers. She was envious.

“Hehe! Kylie, do you miss Daddy?”

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