No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1248

“Of course, we want to train! It’d be good even as elementary martial artists. At least our bodies will grow stronger and won’t catch a cold or fall sick easily. After training, the overall being is certainly stronger than ordinary people!”

But, Fiona let out a bitter smile and said, “Unfortunately, Jack said that we have long passed the age of becoming a martial artist. When you’re old, you can’t train and become a martial artist. It’s not only about the martial talent but also about our old body, it can’t withstand the process of purification!”

However, to everyone’s surprise, Daniella flashed them a smile. “Well. There’s a way for both of you to train and become martial artists! And I know how!”

Jack could not help but gasp at the information. “That’s impossible! What other ways do you have to be able to make them into martial artists?”

“Are you serious? That’s amazing! Miss Cabello, do you really have a way? It’d be really great if we could train and become one!”

Andrew felt a ray of sunshine flooded his old soul when he heard Daniella’s words. He asked with an excitement plastered over his face.

Daniella nodded again to affirm them, at the same time, rolled her eyes at Jack. “Tsk tsk. Jack, you’ve not experienced everything in this world, have you? There’s a forbidden pool in the Cabello family. The water inside that forbidden pool is a real treasure! This treasure allows the old or people with incapability to train to become a martial artist! This water is called the Bone Marrow Cleansing Water. The person only needs to drink a small sip of this water, and his body will be cleansed and purified! What’s more amazing is that there are no side effects and pain at all!”

Excitement streaked through Jack like a comet. “Is that real? The Cabello family has such a treasure! It’s really out of my expectation! So, does it mean that if my mother takes a sip of this water, she will be able to train and become a martial artist?”

“Your mother is also a commoner?”

A quiet joy spread through Daniella upon hearing. She was smiling inside. If that was the case, would not that mean that she would be able to please Jack’s mother as well? After all, Jack’s mother would be her future mother-in-law!

“Yes, my mother is a commoner now. I hope that she can train and become a martial artist or perhaps a grandmaster in the future. Then that will be wonderful!”

A bitter smile crept on Jack’s face. “The Bone Marrow Cleansing Water, since it’s a treasure of the Cabello Family and it’s at the forbidden place, I’m afraid that you can’t just take it, right? Besides, this water is too precious, there shouldn’t be much of it, right?”

Daniella peeped at Jack and responded with a faint smile, “Don’t worry. Indeed, this water is very precious, even if others want it, I won’t hand it over. But since you’ve saved my life, and we’re now considered good friends, I’ll get it for you. Even if I have to steal it, I’ll get it for you!”

“It’s not a good idea for you to steal. Why don’t you try asking your father if he’s willing to spare you some? If it’s not possible, just forget about it, I don’t want you to be in a difficult situation!”

Jack gave some thoughts to the matter and uttered with a frown.

However, Fiona—who stood beside him—heard Jack’s words and her face immediately turned unsightly. She went forward and shot Jack a deadly glare, “What nonsense are you spewing?”

After reprimanding Jack, she immediately approached Daniella with a wicked smile. “Miss Cabello, there’s absolutely nothing wrong about it. This treasure belongs to your family, even if you took some of it when no one is looking, it’s alright too. You’re the Third Young Mistress Cabello, you’re only taking something from your family, it won’t be considered as stealing, right? Because that treasure is originally from your family!” Fiona held Daniella’s hands in her palms and persuaded her in a sincere tone.

Fiona paused for a moment before she continued, “Also, even after you took it, your father and the others won’t know that you’re the one who took it, right? If they don’t know about it, surely, they can’t do anything about it, and they won’t blame you either.”

Jack and Lana exchanged glances on the side, not knowing what to say. If a person took something when there was no one, was that not considered stealing? How could Fiona spew some unreasonable logic? Even though the treasure belonged to the Cabello family, it was not an ordinary thing. That water could be considered as one of the most precious and priceless treasures in this world. If that treasure were to be taken to an auction, it could be exchanged with a lot of high-grade spirited stones and materials!

“Yes, Auntie, you’re absolutely right!”

Daniella smiled awkwardly, but she still reassured the audience, “Auntie, don’t worry about it. I’ll go get some for you guys no matter what. It’s indeed not much of it, but it’s definitely enough for a few people! Just think of this as a payback for Jack saving my life!”

“Hehehe! Yes, you’re so right! You’re such a good kid who knows how to show gratitude!”

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