No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1249

Fiona’s joy unfolded like a flower and her mouth curved into a smile. “Right, you and Jack are good friends, so whenever you have time, you should come to the White family to hang out together! Just treat it as your own home, do visit us more often!”

“Ma, what are you talking about? The Cabello family is actually not on a good term with the White family. I don’t think such an offer is appropriate right now.”

Jack was speechless at Fiona’s behavior. He reminded her.

Daniella, on the other hand, rolled her eyes at Jack and pouted unhappily, “Can’t I come to visit at any time too?”

Jack was tongue-tied once again. “Except for you, of course!” He smiled awkwardly.

Lana studied the scene before her; she could not help but frown slightly. Why did she feel that Jack was somehow afraid of Daniella? Was it her illusion or something else?

“Jack, you’re back!”

At this time, Joan, who was strolling together with Nash, approached the group.

“Yes, Mom. I thought the competition would start soon, so I came back early for that!”

Jack responded, smilingly.

“This…isn’t this the Third Young Mistress of the Cabello family? Daniella Cabello, right? May I know why you’re here in the White’s residence?”

Nash quickly recognized Daniella of the Cabello family. His eyes were full of surprise but soon a few lines formed between his brows. After all, the Cabello family was not on good terms with the White family. Why did Jack bring her here?

“Master White!”

Daniella looked at Nash and a hint of surprise flared in her eyes. “Strange. I heard that Master White, you’ve gotten some strange disease and couldn’t even get off the bed now, right? But I can see that you look healthy, and your spirit is good!”

Daniella had come out of the Cabello family for more than a month and apparently, she did not receive any news about the things that had happened in the White family, not to mention the incident about the mutiny of the Third Elder and Lily Lagorio. If she was to stay in the Cabello family all this while, she would have known of the news.

However, she was busy accompanying Jack in the selection of masters among the White branch families, hence she was not well-informed of the news.

Nash smiled, “Hehe, thanks to my son who not only possesses powerful combat prowess but also acquires excellent medical skills and knowledge! He studied my condition and made an antidote for me!”

Daniella turned to Jack and then wheeled back to Nash. “Wait, what…what do you mean? Jack is your son? He…he is the son of Master White?” Daniella took a sharp intake of breath.

“Hahaha! Yes! He is my son, my best son and I’m so proud of him! He is also the heir to the family head of the White family!”

Nash exclaimed with his face full of pride and delight, as though his son was the king of the world.

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