No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1251

“Hey, it’s nothing. Jack saved my life; he is like a brother to me now. We’re good buddies! Just take it as a reward for Jack’s deed. Don’t take it to heart!”

Daniella chuckled while explaining, and put her hand on Jack’s shoulder, with a wide grin on her face, as though they were brothers from the battlefield.

“You’re referring to Bone Marrow Cleansing Water, right? This water is terrifically exorbitant! Although the people of the Cabello family started training young and don’t really need this water, that precious pool of the Cabello family couldn’t produce that much water in a year for us, right? Moreover, this kind of water is suitable for any martial practitioner too; whoever takes it will greatly improve their martial level!”

Nash was surprised at Daniella’s offer to give them some of the water. With his eyebrows snapped together, he continued, “The Cabello family must have kept such a treasure very securely, and only reward those who have made significant contributions. Besides, the pool could only produce five to six portions per year, right? I’m afraid that your Father wouldn’t approve of this idea so easily. Even worse, if he were to find out that you planned to give such treasure to us, he’d definitely say no.”

“Heh! If he doesn’t agree to it, I’ll just have to get it without him knowing. And by the time he finds out, it’d be too late. Anyway, if I don’t mention that it’s for the White family, how would he know then?” Daniella spewed out the words gently and nonchalantly.

“Miss Cabello, you’re being too generous to us! I don’t even know how to repay you!”

Joan chimed in; her tone uneasy.

“Hehe, Auntie, Jack and I are good buddies, and you’re his mother, that makes you my mother too! So don’t mull over it anymore! It’s nothing at all!”

Daniella patted her chest and reassured Joan.

Jack—who stood aside—witnessed the whole exchange and felt speechless. What did she mean when she said his mother was her mother? Did she not fear what others might think of this sentence?

“I see, I see. That’s good then!”

Joan was taken aback by Daniella’s response as well. She returned Daniella an awkward smile and then went silent.

“Right, Jack, since the Third Young Mistress Cabello is here, please take her around when you’re free! She’s your responsibility now!”

Nash then smiled faintly at Jack and ordered.

“Don’t worry, Father. I’ll arrange a place for her to rest!”

Jack gave a bitter smile in return.

“Hey, there should still be empty rooms in your residence, right? You don’t have to arrange a separate residence for me, just vacate a room for me in your residence. It’d be more convenient for me to find you this way, right?”

Daniella smiled sheepishly and proposed to Jack.

“Oh, okay, alright!”

Jack was rendered speechless but he could only agree with an awkward smile.

Only then a contented smile appeared on Daniella’s pretty features. She then turned to Nash and said, “Master White, the competition is about to start, and I guess you guys will leave in another five to six days, right? I think the Cabello family will definitely participate as well, so I think I’ll stay here for a few days and depart with you guys then. You wouldn’t mind that, right?”

“Mmm, don’t worry. I don’t mind it at all!”

Daniella Cabello was the apple of her father’s eye, and since she has developed a good relationship with Jack, it would be a good opportunity to ease the tension between the two families.

After all, the current White family had experienced a great loss in their power after the Third Elder and Lily incident. The White family could not afford to have another huge clash with another great powerful family right now.

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