No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1254

Soon, the evening came. Jack took everyone to the town for a hearty meal and good night’s stroll.

The town was prosperous and well-developed; they even had a school in the town. Jack planned to let Kylie train in the White residence, and she could attend the school in the town to learn too. The plan sounded perfect.

The teachers in the school taught according to a fixed syllabus and were keen to pass down the knowledge of the outside world to the kids.

For example, the students were taught to recognize first or second-grade spirited grass, and basic knowledge of martial training, as well as characteristics of some demonic creatures in the wild.

After all, the kids who attended the school were generally from martial families, and when they are older, they would eventually train and practice as martial artists.

The group returned to the White residence in the late evening. Jack was exhausted from being busy the entire day that he laid down and fell asleep in no time.

The next morning, Jack woke up and asked Selena, “Dear, how’s your martial training lately? I’ve been away for quite some time, and you only had to pick up Kylie from school, so it shouldn’t take much time.”

A cute smile formed on Selena’s face, “Well, I didn’t really have much time to train this time. After all, I had to accompany Mother and Father for walks to get familiar with the place. And I also had to spend time with Kylie, so I didn’t have much time to train and there’s no obvious improvement in my martial status. But, I would say my progress is not that bad at all. The morning before yesterday, I barely broke through to reach the first-grade of grandmaster level!”

Jack was suffused with happiness that his eyes lit up upon hearing Selena’s progress in martial training. “Wow, that’s amazing! You’re already at the grandmaster level! You have such talent, and such skills are considered excellent!”

“Thanks to you, Dear! I wouldn’t have achieved this if it weren’t for the Chi Congregation pill and spirited grass that you gave me. With the help of those miraculous resources, I can train and improve a lot faster!” A cute, bashful smile crawled onto Selena’s face as she spoke.

Jack bobbed his head to show agreement. “I’ll be leaving in a few days. Although I can’t really train on the road, I’ll make time at night to train. I can confidently say that I have already stabilized myself at the early stage of the true god realm. So, during the trip, I’ll see if I could use some of the pills and spirited material to try to break through to the middle stage of the true god realm!”

“Middle stage of the true god realm?”

An envious look plastered on Selena’s pretty feature when she heard Jack. “I’m so envious of you, for being able to break through to the middle stage of the true god realm. Your talent and combat prowess are extraordinary; if you really reach the middle stage of the true god realm, you can even fight against those who are at the late stage of the true god realm, right?”

Jack, however, felt a little guilty. He wrapped his arms around Selena’s waist and said, “Sigh! It’s just that I’ll be busy training these days, so I’m afraid that I won’t have time to accompany you and Kylie.” Jack sighed. “Also, you have to inform your parents as well.” He added.

Selena shot Jack an attentive look. “Don’t worry about it. I told them a few days ago. My parents are understanding; they know that martial practitioners often require ample amounts of time to train and practice. And they’re okay with it. It won’t affect us!”

Jack stared at the beauty in his embrace. He could not help but plant a tender kiss on Selena’s rosy, pink lips. “Dear, I have to follow them to attend the martial tournament in a few days. Please stay back with Kylie and enroll her into the school in town, meanwhile, please continue to train hard too. Thank you, dear!”

It was rare to experience a gentle Jack. Selena’s cheeks immediately blushed and she felt a surge of sweetness and happiness. “You’re welcome! We’re a family. You don’t have to say ‘please’ at all.”

“Oh, I just thought that I didn’t get to spend much time with you lately. So I felt a little guilty!”

Jack laughed off as he explained.


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