No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1256

“Middle stage of the true god realm?”

Daniella, who had just walked out of her room, overheard the conversation between the couple. She was shocked at what she heard and then exclaimed with joy, “You’re truly talented! Your speed in training and absorbing the energy from the pills were too fast! Others might need at least a week or longer to break through to the middle stage of the true god realm! But you actually used only two days and succeeded!”

At this moment, the admiration toward Jack grew deeper and deeper within Daniella. She was even fantasizing that if she had the chance to introduce Jack as her boyfriend to her father, what would her father think?

“Oh, I’m just slightly luckier!”

Jack laughed it out and said modestly.

“That’s awesome! That’s truly awesome! With your current martial level and combat prowess, you might be able to win first place in the upcoming martial tournament! You can finally bring glory to the White family!”

Daniella looked at Jack, her eyes full of unexplainable beams. “Even if you can’t get the first place, surely you’ll be placed in the top three!”

“Top three?”

Jack was slightly stunned at her words. “It seems like the White family didn’t have good raking in this tournament in the past!”

After all, before he returned to the White family, Lance White—who was at the peak of the demi-god realm—was considered the first seed in the White family. And now, since Jack had already hit the middle stage of the true god realm, he thought that taking the first place would not be a problem.

He did not expect that Daniella saw him as the top three but not the champion.

Daniella smiled and she explained, “The White family had always bottomed the list in the past tournaments. Although the White family was not the worst in the tournament, your family has just become one of the eight shadow families not long ago, so the White family is definitely the last in the eight shadow families!”

Jack bobbed his head. Indeed, the White family had only become one of the first-class eight shadow families recently. Although the White family was more powerful and stronger than those second-class and third-class families, the gap between the White and the other seven shadow families was still wide.

Daniella approached Jack and patted his shoulder gently. “You’re not bad at all. Think about it, the Cabello family and the other shadow families, we’ve been first-class families for decades and some of them even have hundreds of years of heritage. And your family has just risen lately, it’s not possible to compare with us.” She comforted him.

Daniella was afraid that her words might have hurt Jack’s confidence, hence she smiled and said, “But your martial level and combat prowess is considered high and strong. You’ll certainly impress many first-class shadow families this time around!”

“Oh, I’m not trying to impress, but I’ll try my very best!”

“Oh, Jack, Father asked me to tell you that there are three days left before we leave, so you should prepare yourself.”

Selena quickly thought of something and interrupted the conversation.

“Alright, I’ll rest for these few days and try to maintain and stabilize my martial level, so that I can get used to the power!”

Jack nodded.

During the conversation, Selena noticed the bright and shining beam in Daniella’s eyes when she was looking at Jack. She did not show the same when she was engaging with the others, only with Jack. And the beam emitted something attentive—it was full of love and affection.

Selena’s brows snapped together as she thought of it. “Daniella, I won’t be going this time. Please help to take care of Jack, will you? I entrust him to your care!” Selena said to Daniella after thinking for a moment.

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