No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1259

Guilt filled Nash’s heart when he heard that. Jack had been training in the mortal realm for all this while, and it seemed like he did not have much knowledge about treasures.

He gave a small smile and explained to Jack in a patient tone, “There are two types of tools: normal tools, and spiritual tools. And the latter has several grades as well according to how much strength it gives you in battle and its fluctuations after absorbing chi: lower-grade, middle-grade, and upper-grade. And the most powerful of them all, ultimate-grade tools!”

Here, Nash paused for a while before continuing, “But most martial artists still stick to regular soldier weapons. It’s pretty good if you have a lower-grade tool, and only a few people possess middle-grade tools—never mind upper and ultimate-grade tools!”

Jack thought about it for a while and flipped his palm, taking out an object that resembled a tortoiseshell. He thrust it toward Nash. “Dad, take a look at this. I think this is a spiritual tool. But I don’t know what grade it is. This is a defensive weapon that grows bigger to fend off attacks!”

Nash’s eyes brightened when he heard this. “Defensive tools are really rare too. It might save your life at a critical moment. I never thought that you’d get your hands on one!”

After he said that, Nash passed the treasure back to Jack and said, “Try channeling your chi into it!”

The treasure had already recognized Jack as its owner and had traces of his energy in it. Nash definitely had no way of making it move, and if others wanted to make that treasure theirs, they needed to completely wipe off every trace of Jack’s chi from it.

As Jack injected his chi into it, the tortoiseshell shield slowly grew bigger, till it reached the height of a man. A warm yellow glow emanated from its surface.

“From–from its fluctuations, it should be a middle-grade tool. Not bad. Not bad at all. We only have a few of such weapons in the White family!”

Nash studied it for a while before a smile lit up his face. He was glad that Jack managed to get his hands on such a treasure.

“Oh, right. I have another item here. It’s probably a spiritual tool!”

Jack kept the shield and smiled as he took out the black sword. He then poured some of his energy into it.

Suddenly, a black flash emitted from the dragon-shaped sword. A fierce, yet quiet ripple spread throughout the area.

Jack gave a smile. “This sword is a spiritual tool as well. But probably a lower or middle-grade, right?”

“Let me take a look!”

Nash took a step forward and observed it. Then excitement spread across his features. “There’s a small hole on this sword. Here. Do you see it? So you can’t just pour your energy in like that. You have to make it enter through this hole to make it release its full potential!”

Jack took a sharp intake of breath after he heard that. “So you’re saying that I haven’t been using this sword properly all this while? I’ve only been tapping into a fraction of its power?”

Nash bobbed his head. “But even so, I can already tell that it’s a spiritual tool. You’ll have to pour your chi through the hole for me to determine its grade!”

Jack nodded his head. He followed Nash’s instructions and focused his energy into his palm, before threading it through that tiny hole.

The sword, originally rather full, suddenly brightened and emitted a frightening hum. The fluctuations were even stronger this time around.

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