No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1260

Jack never expected the sword to grow bigger as well. A different aura also seeped into his head.

After he received the message, he was extremely excited. His features showed extreme delight.

“This–this should be an ultimate-grade tool!”

The First Elder was so excited that his voice quivered. Only the very strongest of the shadow families had such a treasure, and even then, they only possessed one of it.

It was evident that this was extremely precious. No one thought that Jack’s sword was an ultimate-grade tool.

“That’s right. I never thought that it would be an ultimate-grade tool. I never noticed anything extraordinary about it either when Jack had taken it out!”

Nash was excited as well. He never expected Jack’s sword to be such a valuable treasure.

“Dad! I think–I think I received a message from the sword just now!”

Jack was excited. He waved his hand, and the sword flew upward, rapidly expanding in the sky until it looked like two or three thousand people could stand on it.

With an internal shove, Jack’s sword shrunk again, till it could take about a thousand people.

“This–this is a tool that can fly? My god. You can use it to fight and fly. Such a treasure is so hard to come by!”

Many elders immediately understood what Jack had meant when they saw him remotely controlling it.

“This is great. If that’s the case, we can sit on this sword to head for the competition!”

Daniella also jumped excitedly after witnessing all that. Even her father’s flying carpet was not that high of a grade. It could only fly, and you could not use it to fight. It was her first time seeing such a treasure as well.

“Let’s go!”

With a blink, Jack stood atop the sword and announced to everyone.

“Hah. All right!”

Nash laughed and flew up as well, landing softly on the surface of the sword.

“Let’s go!”

Everyone also happily hopped on.

“I really never thought that such a sword would exist. Hah. Never imagined that I would be sitting on this!”

The First Elder laughed and sat cross-legged. The sword flew out under Jack’s control.

“Not only is this a flying sword, but it’s also an ultimate-grade tool!”

Admiration spread across the Second Elder’s face. “You’re at the beginning stage of the true god realm now, but with this sword, you can head toe-to-toe with those from the intermediate stage. And you even might stand a chance of defeating them!”

Everyone nodded their heads when they heard that.

“It’s a pity that Jack’s level is not quite there yet,” Nash chimed in. “If he were to be at the intermediate stage of the true god realm, we’d have another fighter at the advanced stage with the enhanced power this sword gives!”

“You’re amazing, Young Master Jack,” Lancelot said, smiling. “You’ve surpassed us so quickly!”


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