No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1261

No one expected Daniella to speak up at this moment, a knowing smile on her face, “I see that you didn’t know Jack is already at the intermediate stage of the true god realm. He underwent the breakthrough a few days ago. With this sword, he might have the fighting prowess of a fighter at the advanced stage!”

“What? He–he already broke through?”

Nash was stunned. He swiveled his head toward Jack in excitement. “Jack, is that true? You–you’re already at the intermediate stage of the true god realm?”

“My God. He broke through so fast? You’re a true master, Young Master Jack! Young Master Lance cannot match up to you!”

Many elders could not help but exclaim. They were suspecting if they were dreaming.

After all, the shock of finding out that Jack had an ultimate-grade weapon had not completely subsided yet, and now they were saying that he had broken into the intermediate stage of the true god realm.

It was not easy to advance through the stages of the true god status. It required great ability from the practitioner. More importantly, some would not succeed in breaking through even after trying a few times, and they’d have to rest for quite some time before attempting to break through once more.

That was why everyone knew how difficult it was to advance through the stages.

Jack nodded his head when he saw everyone’s excitement. “I did breakthrough. I’ve also been growing accustomed to my chi over these past few days!”

“Heh. Like father, like son! How could we not envy a master like you, Jack?”

Titus nodded his head in satisfaction, evidently excited as well.

At this moment, a flying sword appeared from another direction, heading toward where they were going.

“It’s the Norman family!”

The First Elder frowned when he recognized them, their swords drawing closer to each other.

“The Norman family?”

Daniella frowned as well when she heard this. She was well aware that the Norman family was on par in terms of strength with the Cabello family.

However, the Norman family had pretty good relations with the Cabello family, and since the Cabello family was on bad terms with the White family, the Norman family was not close with the White family either.

Furthermore, plenty of young masters from the Norman family were interested in Daniella. That was why they frequently fought the White family members—all to gain recognition from her and her two sisters.

She never thought that they would run into this bunch not long after leaving for the competition.


The people on the other flying sword also quickly recognized Jack and the others.

“Look. There’s a flying sword there! It must be another powerful family!”

A young woman spoke to the person beside her, smiling.

“It looks like the White family.”

The elder standing at the forefront furrowed his brows together after observing them for a while. “Strange. Since when did the White family have a flying sword like that? I thought they’d be walking there.”

After they heard this, many people burst into laughter. Although the White family was one of the eight shadow families, their strength was nothing compared to the other seven. That was why they looked down upon them.


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