No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1262

“Don’t laugh. They probably picked up a lower-grade tool that so happened to fly toward somewhere, so they’re using it!”

The First Elder of the Norman family spoke in a sardonic tone.

After all, Jack’s sword looked dull and ordinary then, and only a tinge of black encased it. It flew at a leisurely pace, not too fast and not too slow.

That was why there was no way to tell the grade of the treasure.

The only thing they could be sure of was that a flying treasure was no doubt a spiritual tool. Some of the low-grade spiritual tools could also fly, but they could not go very fast.

“They picked it up?”

Their Second Elder was taken aback for a while. “Hah. Even a flying treasure is not worth picking up if it’s a low grade one,” he commented, smiling. “They must have spent quite a fortune to buy that second-hand item.”

A young master from the Norman family rolled his eyes. “Second Elder, how could you say that?” he said solemnly. “They’re one of the eight shadow families as well and are a first-class family. How could you just say that they bought a second-hand item?”

“Heh. That’s true. I forgot about that!”

The Second Elder cleared his throne, making everyone laugh again.

The young man also grinned. It was evident that they were in cahoots with each other.

However, his smile quickly hardened, and his muscles stiffened.

“That–that woman. Why is Daniella Cabello there?”

The young man squinted at the flying sword, brows knitted. The more he studied the woman, the more she looked like Daniella.

However, he thought maybe he was wrong. The Cabello family and the White family were not on friendly terms. As the third daughter of the Cabello family, why would Daniella be mingling about with the White family? She was even on the same flying sword as them.

Many people also went goggle-eyed when they noticed this.

“You’re right, it’s her!”

A young woman exclaimed after she saw them.

“We’ll know who it is once we get closer. No way that it’s Daniella!”

Master Norman thought about it for a while before directing the sword toward Jack and the others, closing the distance between them.

“Why are the Norman family members coming our way? Are they trying to greet us?”

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