No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1263

The First Elder could not help but frown when he saw them coming over. Worry clenched his chest.

“Who cares. We have nothing to be afraid of. Besides, we can’t hide from them forever. We’ll run into them at the competition venue anyway.”

Nash gave a frosty smile and spoke languidly.

“It…it really is Third Young Mistress Cabello!”

After they closed some of the distance, an elder exclaimed and scrubbed his eyes.

“Daniella, why are you on the White family’s flying sword?”

Master Norman’s eldest son, Keith, was slightly taken aback. “Miss Daniella, were you kidnapped by the White family?’ he asked. “If you were, blink. The Norman family will save you!”

The second son of Master Norman also stepped forward. “This beautiful young woman is the Third Young Mistress Cabello, White family members,” he hollered. “I’ll make sure to give you h*ll if you dare to touch a single hair on her head!”

A fatty, who was the third son, also spoke up in a blustering manner, “Upon my pride as a Norman son, I swear we won’t be able to face the Cabello family if anyone bullies her!”

Daniella was internally speechless. “I wasn’t forced into this,” she replied. “I just wanted to go for the competition, and I so happened to bump into them. Since we were heading for the same place, I just hitched a ride from them!”

Daniella was well aware that the three young masters all displayed affection toward her—as well as her two older sisters. It was evident that they were out to gain attention from any of the three girls.

Keith immediately heaved a sigh of relief. “Really? I thought you were kidnapped. After all, the Cabello family isn’t on good terms with the White family!”

Here, he felt that something was off. “Third Young Mistress Cabello, don’t tell me that you’ve been forced to lie because they’ve blackmailed you or because you’re afraid of them?”

The second son was also stunned. “That’s right. Your families are not close with each other, Third Young Mistress Cabello. You have no obligation to sit on their flying sword even if they’re going in the same direction. Come over and sit with us. It’s more comfortable here. More importantly, we’re faster. We’ll arrive at Kobe Mountain in no time.

“I appreciate your concern, but there’s no need for that. I’ll just sit on their flying sword!”

Daniella felt awkward. It would be taxing to sit on the same sword with those three fellows, who were likely to be sucking up to her all the way. She would rather be dead than listen to their groveling.

Master Norman suddenly felt embarrassed. All three of his sons tried to coax Daniella, but she unexpectedly did not reciprocate. She would rather sit with the White family than them.

Master Darryl Norman suddenly spoke with a frosty expression, “Ah, surely I’ve heard that wrong, Third Young Mistress. The relation between your family and theirs is sour, yet you’d rather go together with the White family instead of the Norman family. You’re taking a jab at my reputation. Besides, aren’t you afraid that I’ll tell your father about this? He’ll be angry.”

Daniella did not expect that Darryl would get mad over something so trivial. She hated it when others threatened her.

“Master Norman, it just so happened that we’re going the same way,” she said, pitching her tone low. “It’s such a small matter. And you’re saying that I look down on the Norman family because of this? They’re one of the right shadow families too. It’s not out of the ordinary for me to follow you or follow them. What do you mean that I’m jabbing at your reputation?”

Here, she spoke straightforwardly, “If you’re really so petty that you would tell my father about this, please, go right ahead.”


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