No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1264

It appears that what Daniella uttered was extremely straight to the point and Master Norman was unable to refute it.

If he still continued to hold onto that matter and report to the Cabellos about how she was with the White, would he not appear as being petty? However, if he let it go at that moment, the Norman family would be extremely embarrassed. After all, they got into such a situation when they kindly asked Daniella if she was kidnapped and even invited her to travel with them instead.

He proactively changed the topic of their conversation after thinking about it. He glanced at Nash and smiled coldly. “Master White, I heard that something happened in the White family around one month ago? Tsk tsk… If such an interesting plot was written into a book, the book would surely be a hit!”

The corners of Nash’s mouth slightly twitched. He knew that some people would bring up that matter and talk about it. However, he did not expect it to be mentioned during their journey to Kobe Mountain.

He glanced at Darryl and smiled bitterly. “Haha… I had no idea that the Norman family was so well-informed and actually paid attention to the situation at the White family!”

Nash paused before continuing to speak, “Something did happen previously but it’s our family’s internal affairs and we’ve already resolved it!”

Nash obviously did not intend to continue the conversation with him.

Unfortunately, Darryl who was humiliated a moment ago, did not plan to let Nash go so easily.

He had a playful smile on his face as he said, “Have you really resolved it? Aren’t you slightly too confident about it? In my opinion, this is not something that you can resolve so easily. Your wife was actually involved in an affair with the Third Elder. Sigh, who knew that Lily Lagorio is that sort of a person. I heard that she even poisoned you. Tsk, tsk… What a scary woman.”

The First Elder of the Norman family also stood forward. “That’s right. This did not only cost the Lagorios their honor, even the White have lost their faces. Apart from that, Master White, you had been really careless for letting them poison you.”

Nash’s facial expression darkened. Something like this was a disgrace to the White family. Who knew that these people would mention it on purpose without sparing him some dignity.

He could only smile bitterly. “Everything is in the past. We’ve killed those who deserved to be killed and punished those who deserved to be punished. Our White family will definitely have better development in the future!”

Darryl’s son, Keith, then said with a smile, “Will you be able to have better development? I don’t think so. Haha… You’ve worked so hard to become a first-class aristocratic family. You must have suffered quite a loss now that the Third Elder, several other elders, and patronums have died. Haha… some of the families that once stood by your side might not even acknowledge your positions this time.”

Nash smiled bitterly. “Eldest young master, you are right to say that we’ve suffered quite a huge loss. However, we’ve progressed nicely over the past two to three years. The position of Third Elder and the other elders have been taken over by the other branch family masters. We are also working hard to grow stronger. We’ll need to observe our growth in the future!”

Although Nash was secretly unhappy, he knew clearly that it was best to not offend these seven families. Hence, he would try his best to give in under such circumstances and not get into a fight with the other party.

Hence, he remained a calm expression even though the other party had said such things about his family. He even maintained a smile on his face as he conversed nicely with them.

“Haha… I’m afraid that it would be hard for you people to get the recognition from others this time. As one of the eight shadow families, you can’t get low positions in this competition. It would be shameful if you did not enter the top ten and end up with a low placing in this competition!” Darryl Norman once again laughed loudly and said.

“Don’t you worry, Master Norman. I believe that there’s a possibility that the White family will surprise everybody this time!” Daniella, who was by the side, could not stand it anymore.

In the past, she would have ignored any comments the Norman family had about the White family. She might even gloat because she was a member of the Cabello family.

However, she felt uncomfortable and unconvinced for the White family when she heard others commenting on them now. She even stood forward and proactively spoke on behalf of the White family.

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