No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1265

Darryl did not expect Daniella to not only refuse to travel with the Norman family, she helped to speak on behalf of the White family.

He was slightly stunned before he spoke with a smile, “Really? Let’s see how it goes?”

He thought about it after he spoke before asking Daniella again. “By the way, Daniellita, are you sure that you don’t want to come with us? If you sit on this wasted flying sword with the Whites, it might take you some time. Isn’t it better to reach the towns under Kobe Mountain earlier for a rest?”

“Uncle Darryl, why do I feel that sitting on their flying sword would be much faster than traveling with you?” Daniella smiled as she turned her head to ask Jack. “Jack, our flying sword would be faster than them, right?”

Jack kept quiet the entire time as he believed that the White family’s development would be proven in time.

However, he still nodded as Daniella was doing so much talking on behalf of them. “That’s for sure!”

“Haha… Who knows where they got this wasted piece of junk from. It’s a joke that they even think about comparing speed with our flying sword!” Keith smiled coldly. “Daniella, it doesn’t matter if the Whites have gone mad. Why have you decided to follow in their footsteps? My father’s flying sword is a middle-grade spiritual tool. How can your useless flying sword compete with his?”

“We’ll know if we can compete with his flying sword after we try it out!” Jack was too lazy to explain to them. He changed his thoughts and with an increase in speed, the flying sword flew out with a whoosh.

“Such speed!” Darryl was stunned. He discovered that Jack’s flying sword was already a huge distance away from theirs.

“F*ck, I don’t believe that I can’t catch up!” He immediately controlled the flying sword to increase its speed as he wanted to catch up with Jack and the others.

However, Jack’s flying sword was already speedy and he was still increasing it’s speed. After ten seconds, they had completely thrown the Normans behind and disappeared from their line of sight.

“How’s that possible! We failed to catch up!” Darryl’s eyes were wide open as he swallowed his saliva hard. He wondered if he had made a mistake. He had been increasing the speed of his flying sword without stopping and it was at its limit. However, their distance with the White family’s flying sword was getting further and further away until they were completely thrown behind.

“This can only prove that the level of the White family’s flying sword is higher than ours!” Darryl had raging emotions in his heart and slowly spoke after some time.

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