No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1266

The Norman family’s First Elder was in disbelief at what he saw. “That’s impossible. The White family doesn’t have any middle-grade spiritual tool as I recall, especially a flying sword at that. Such a spiritual tool is even rare! Our swords failed to fly faster than theirs. Could their sword be an upper-grade spiritual tool?”

He was not hallucinating or dreaming—everyone else saw the same thing, after all.

Darryl said with a cold expression on his face. “Never thought the White family would get lucky and score themselves a rare item from who knows where. If this is an upper-grade spiritual tool, it’ll be able to increase quite an amount of combat power! If Nash uses this sword, I won’t be able to take him down on my own!”

“By the way, who’s that young man,” a young man chimed in after he spotted them, “and why does it seem like Daniella is well-acquainted to him?”

“Daniella seems to call him Jack!” added another.

“Jack, that illegitimate child?” The Norman family’s second young master had a scowl on his face. “Damn it! That Daniella would rather sit on such a person’s flying sword instead of going with us?”

Keith, on the other hand, gave a tight-lipped smile. “It could be that Daniella felt that their flying sword is much faster, and she’s willing to travel with the White family because she knows that the sword is an upper-grade spiritual tool. Let’s not overthink it!”

“That’s right! Miss Daniella has such a noble identity, after all, so how can that illegitimate child be worthy of her? Only prodigies like us are compatible with Daniellita!” scoffed Conley Norman, chin raised high haughtily.

In their opinion, the White’s flying sword is only an upper-grade spiritual tool and not an ultimate-grade spiritual tool, even though it was much faster than their flying sword. After all, there were only a handful of ultimate-grade spiritual tools.

The competition’s venue was at the bottom of Kobe Mountain. The top family among the Eight Shadow Families would announce the rules and rewards of the competition once everyone had gathered.

There was a small town at the bottom of Kobe Mountain where, due to its generous Chi, many would train.

The Eight Shadow Families and a few second or third-class shadow families would arrive earlier before the competition started to have a good rest. They would then leave together and gather at the empty ground outside the forest located at the bottom of Kobe Mountain.

“Haha… We’re so fast! I’d love to see the look on Master Norman’s face!” chirped the gleeful Daniella, extremely happy with herself on the flying sword.

“You should try to have a low-profile. After all, our White family don’t want to offend the Norman family!” quipped Jack as he wore an awkward smile. “We can’t afford to be engaged in several huge fights. We need to try our best in increasing our overall strength so that the other families won’t ever belittle us.”

Lancelot and the others were embarrassed when they heard this. They never expected that Jack would make such a comment toward Daniella without fearing she would be upset.

Surprisingly, Daniella, instead of grumbling, blushed instead as she lowered her head. “Alright, I get it,” she muttered. “I’ll listen to everything you say in the future, alright?”

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