No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1267

Many were baffled by what Daniella had said? What did she mean, listen to everything he would say in the future? Why did that sound like a conversation between a couple?

Jack was just as startled. He could only smile sheepishly as he looked in front of him while urging the sword to fly forward.

With this flying sword, the group arrived at the outskirts of the town under Kobe Mountain that night.

Jack stopped the flying sword when they arrived at the main entrance. “Alright, let’s get down and walk in. It’s best to keep a low-profile, too, seeing as it’s a hassle if someone set their eyes on such a precious item.”

Nash nodded in satisfaction. “Alright, let’s head in.”

Jumping down from the flying sword, they walked toward the entrance after Jack made it much smaller and hid it into his martial ring.

“Seems like we’re the early birds. It won’t be easy to get accommodation had we come much later.” The First Elder smiled bitterly. “Back then, we’d only be able to look for caves outside the city to stay in if we failed to find a place to stay.”

“Haha…! We have to thank Young Master Jack for his flying sword; we wouldn’t get here at such speed had it not been for his sword?” Mason chuckled heartily. Although the White family suffered a serious loss with what happened previously, they were still confident toward their development, especially since Jack’s was immensely talented and had the fighting prowess of the real-god stage’s intermediate level.

Together with this ultimate-grade spiritual tool, his combat power was compatible with the masters of the real-god stage’s peak. It would be even better should Jack break into the real-god level’s final stage—the White family would be graced with another master of the real god level’s peak stage should Jack achieve such height.

Such an addition would increase the entire family’s position to a whole new height.

After all, the seven other shadow families basically had two of such masters while some had three or four.

The existence of a master in the peak stage real-god level was an important measure of a family’s overall strength.

In the past, there were only seven first-class shadow families, but along the line, the White family grew stronger after constant development. Although they only had one master in the peak stage real-god level, their overall strength was not bad, which was why everyone was ready to add another shadow family.

The White family emerged victorious after competing against several other powerful families, and that was how they obtained the acknowledgment of others and became the last in the Eight First-Class Shadow Families.

As they got closer to the entrance, Jack and the others were suddenly stopped by guards at the entrance that they never saw before.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Nash frowned, rather unhappy that he was blocked. Nothing like this had happened in the past.

One of the guards walked forward and gestured politely with his hands before he resounded, “Greetings, Master White! Kobe City had always been controlled by the small clan, Kobe Clan, and had never asked for entrance fees in the past. However, you might not know it, but the Kobe Clan had started depending on the first-class shadow family, the Hunt family. They’re now considered a dependent clan of the Hunt family!”

Nash’s face darkened. “So there’s an entrance fee for entering the city this year?”

The guard nodded. “That’s right. This is the Hunt family’s orders, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We’re only subordinates who obey orders. I’m sure Master White can understand this, right?”

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