No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1268

The news shocked Nash. The Hunt family obviously did this to rake in profit.

It was obvious that a small clan like the Kobe Clan would not simply depend on the Hunt family all of a sudden. The Hunt family must have searched for them, and the profit must be shared between both parties later on.

However, the Hunt family was a huge clan, and they had four masters in the real god level’s peak stage. They also had several masters in the final stage of the real-god level.

What could the White family even argue about when faced with such a powerful family?

Nash could only smile at the guards. “Now how can we make it harder for you? This is something we should do! We’ll do it! Tell me: how many spirited stones do we need to pay?”

The guard smiled. “Hmm… Two lower-grade spirited stones per person, and I see that there are fifty-two people here. That means that a thousand and forty lower-grade spirited stones would be enough?”

“Over a thousand?” The corners of the First Elder’s mouth twitched as he heard the rather expensive fee. They needed to pay spirited stones to enter the city, and it was too expensive at two pieces per person.

After all, such items were needed for grandmasters and needed training.

“Yes. This is the order they’ve given, and there’s nothing we can do about it,” said the guard rather impatiently as he eyed the First Elder. “I don’t believe the White family can’t even come up with such a small amount of spirited stones. If that’s the case, you guys aren’t living up to the reputation of being one of the Eight Shadow Families!”

The First Elder was dumbfounded. It startled him how such a person of the Kobe Clan would address them disrespectfully.

Nonetheless, he knew he could not get agitated as the Kobe Clan was supported by the Hunt family in silence. Everybody wanted to please the Hunt family, so offending them clearly proved to be fruitless.

“About that… Can the price be reduced? How about a thousand pieces?” offered the smiling Nash.

“Master White, isn’t your request making it difficult for us? This rule is set by the upper management, and as their subordinates, how can we simply reduce the number of spirited stones you need to pay? What if they find out and have us make up for the lost stones?” The man stretched his body and said extremely lazily. “Sigh! Never thought that the White family, one of the Eight Shadow Families, isn’t as candid as some second-class shadow families.”

Nash’s facial expression continued to darken, though he flipped his hand and came up with 1,040 lower-grade spirited stones and passed it to them. “By the way, how long can these stones last us?”

The man took the spirited stones and calculated them before smilingly saying, “This is the entrance fee, and we won’t ask for any other payment if you don’t leave the city after you enter. However, if you enter the city today and come out tomorrow, you’ll need to pay again if you wish to re-enter. After all, too many people have visited recently, and we can’t possibly remember if you guys have paid or not, right?”

“You’re right.” Giving a small smile, Nash waved his hand and led the group into the city.

Just as they walked past the guards, they heard them speaking, “Who knew that the White family would be so stingy… They negotiated on a small amount of entrance fee. I can’t believe it!”


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