No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1270

Boss Lane smiled when he saw that Nash was still hesitant. “Master White, my rooms here are only enough for you and five hundred other people. If you’re set here, I’ll put a sign out there to indicate that we are full. If you don’t plan to check in here, you will need to go look at other hotels and let other people come in later!”

Nash smiled slightly. “There’s still another five days and it’s a total of four hundred and fifty spirited stones, right?”

The boss nodded. “That’s right. This is already considered a very low price!”

Nash flipped his hand to come up with his spirited stones and was ready to pay.

“Hold on, we are staying here!” Unexpectedly, the sound of a man speaking could be heard at this moment.

The corners of Nash’s mouth immediately twitched several times when he heard this voice.

The person speaking was none other than Master Trenton of the Lagorio family.

“Haha… Nash White, what a coincidence. Who knew that I would meet you when I’ve just arrived in Kobe City!” Diana also smiled coldly and stared at the White family members with hatred. She wanted to kill the entire White family so badly.

“Master Lagorio, what a coincidence. Who knew that we would meet so soon!”

Although he knew clearly that he would definitely meet members of the Lagorio family and was prepared for it, he had no idea that it would happen so soon.

Trenton humphed coldly before his sight finally landed on Jack. “You’re Jack? You really look like Nash!”

“Master Lagorio, I know you hate us but your daughter asked for what happened to her. Not only did she work together with the Third Elder to plan a rebellion, she even poisoned my father. Haha… Let’s not talk about my father. Would you put up with it if something like this happened to you?” Jack laughed and showed no signs of backing down. He wanted to wipe out the Lagorio family so badly. He would have done it if the White family was not strong enough while his father wanted to develop the White family.

The Lagorios carried themselves as if they did not think that Lily made a mistake, they even blamed his father. It was true that a father would raise a daughter of the same character.

Trenton felt ashamed when he heard what Jack said. After all, it was true that his daughter cheated on Nash and even did something despicable when she poisoned Nash.

“You guys must have vented yourself since you guys killed so many members of the Lagorio family? No matter what, my daughter and Master White were once married. Directly destroying her training is even more brutal than killing her!” Diana was extremely angry. She felt a wave of heartbreaking pain when she recalled how haggard her daughter looked previously.

After all, their daughter was treated previously before the next wife was married to the White family!

“Haha… Are you blaming my father for not killing her?” Jack laughed coldly when she heard this. “If that’s the case, you just need to tell me earlier. My father won’t need to go through so much trouble and could have killed her if you told us earlier!”

“You…” Trenton could not hold it back anymore. He clenched his fists and appeared in front of Jack in a flash. His punch was flying directly at Jack.

Trenton travelled speedily and there was no sign that he was making moves. Everything caught people by surprise.

Nash also had no idea that this old man would be so shameless and make a move toward his son—a younger generation. He quickly clench his fists and was ready to rush over and stop them.

Unfortunately, the current Trenton was so much faster and Nash was obviously unable to make it in time.

“B*stard, how dare you?”

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