No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1271

Nash gritted his teeth in anger. He said as he rushed over. “I will wipe out your entire family if you dare kill my son!”

“Humph!” Trenton only had hatred in his heart at this moment. He planned to hurt Jack badly if he did not kill Jack.

After all, the younger masters from every family would enter this competition. Jack was the White family master inheritor and it was impossible for him to not join the competition. Jack would become a huge joke if he did not join the competition.

Hence, he did not need to kill Jack. He only needed to hurt Jack badly and Nash would have nothing to say when Jack is killed by somebody else during the competition.

After all, this competition was a life and death competition. Deaths in the competition could not be looked into after they came down from the stage. This was what all the families agreed to all this time.

Many times, some masters of some families would kill their enemies in the competition without any restriction when they had contradictions in the outside world. This was because the first-class aristocratic families could not say anything even if the young masters from second-class aristocratic families killed young masters from first-class aristocratic families.

Although there was a small possibility for this to happen, there were many of such things happening in the past.

He was afraid that Nash would get crazy over him accidentally killing Jack and both families would start a war. After all, the Lagorio family was not the White family’s opponent right now.

Hence, Trenton, who knew that Jack was at the beginning level of the real god level, controlled his power and combat power slightly at this moment.

Jack clenched his fists and met the other party’s punch. He was sent several steps backward before he managed to stabilize himself with a step on the floor.

“What!” Trenton, who originally planned to hurt Jack, actually moved several meters backward too. The attacks of these two people were comparable and waves of emotions filled his heart. After all, his combat power was comparable to that of the intermediate stage real god level and Jack actually received the attack in such a relaxing way?

“B*stard!” Nash had already rushed over and punched towards Trenton at this moment.

Trenton was startled. He immediately curled his hands into fists and Chi moved around them. He dared not to respond with negligence and quickly met the attack with a punch.

Another huge bomb sound was heard. The next second, Trenton was sent backward several meters before he managed to stabilize himself. Nash on the other hand stood there stably and did not move one step backward.

“This power…” Nash was stunned and immediately understood what Trenton planned to do. This old man did not use his full power when he fought with Jack just now. He was surprised to discover that Trenton only displayed his full energy when they were fighting. Trenton’s power was actually at the peak stage of the real god level.

“You’ve actually broken through into the peak stage of the real god stage?” Nash retracted his punch and had a serious look on his face.

Trenton only had the training level of the last stage real god level previously and there was a huge difference between their combat power. Who knew that this old man would break through? That was troublesome.

He could see that the other party’s power was not very stable yet and he was not very handy with his control over power. It looked like he had just broken through recently.

If some more time passed, his combat power might increase more after he had adapted to the newly increased power.

“Haha… You never expected this? Nash White, I’ve broken through!” Trenton laughed loudly. “I only planned to test your son’s level, why are you being so nervous? I did not expect your son to really be in the intermediate stage of the real god level. He is really talented!”

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