No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1276

“Let’s go, Sister…” Helena and Venus Cabello pulled the reluctant Daniella to leave with the Cabellos.

“Seems like the grudge between both families is deeply implanted, Father,” said Jack with a bitter smile after the Cabellos left.

Nash smiled awkwardly as well. “This is a long-winded story, and the hatred wasn’t only accumulated for one or two days, which is why Alejandro’s attitude is normal. However, I didn’t expect him to give you a pill.”

Jack hesitated as he looked at the pill in his hands. He then walked toward the First Elder and said, “First Elder, I think it’s best to give this pill to you.”

“You’re giving it to me?!” First Elder’s eyes widened, thinking he heard wrongly. Such a precious item was enough to make many real god level masters crave it, but Jack wanted to give it to him just like that?

Jack nodded. “I heard that you’ve been in the final stage of the real-god level for several years. I hope that this pill can help you break through and reach the peak stage of the real-god level. After all, having a master in the real-god level’s peak stage is extremely important to a family. Our family would be blessed with two masters in the peak stage of the real-god level if you really break through!”

Titus also nodded. “First Elder, Young Master has a point, and you should accept the pill. If our White family has another master in the peak stage of the real-god level, arrogant clans will look at us differently!”

Nash also nodded in extreme satisfaction. “First Elder, why are you still hesitating and not receiving the pill?”

First Elder was very touched as he took the pill. He nodded continuously as he gushed, “A—Alright. Thank you, Young Master Jack!”

Jack chuckled and responded, “Haha… We’re all members of the White family, and I hope you can break through into the real-god level’s peak stage as soon as possible!”

First Elder nodded after he thought about it. “Alright. I can try to break through my fighting prowess as there are still four to five days before the competition.” It was no easy feat to break through after achieving the real-god level’s fighting prowess, and because of that, he was not so confident and feared he would waste the pill Jack gave him.

“Alright, everybody should go get some rest. All of us can rest during these few days and go out for a walk whenever we have the time. Those with hopes of breaking through their fighting prowess can train well during this period—it’ll be best if those who are joining the competition can break through before the competition!” Nash finally said to everybody.

Jack slept after he returned to his room, training the following morning to continue stabilizing his fighting prowess. He was prepared to take a stroll in the afternoon.

Little did he expect he would stumble across three beauties, Daniella, Helena, and Venus of the Cabello family not long after he left the hotel.

“Jack!” Daniella immediately walked toward Jack with a delighted heart upon seeing him. She had purposely brought her sisters to stroll around the hotel with hopes of meeting Jack.

“By the way, don’t care too much about what happened last night. My father has such a temperament. He’s actually a nice person, but he tends to be too stubborn.”

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